Social Networking: Twitter

tweet and tumblr

After my series on Flickr 1, 2 and 3 and a blogpost on Plurk and Avatar Social Network – all articles trying to give you – bloggers –¬† an idea and/or inspiration on how to expand your blogs audience using Social Media, this post will cover Twitter. In a next post I will talk about Tumblr! Yes, there are many social media platforms out there. It is, in the end, up to you individually what and which platform suits you best. For some it may be Twitter, others rather stick to Plurk,… Read More

Team member call!

Hey everyone! You’ve surely seen our pages for designers looking for bloggers, event coordinators looking for bloggers and our listings of big events. They don’t magically appear on the blog, there are people working hard to keep these pages up to date. But as times change, the time schedules in our team members’ lives¬†also change. This means we are in need of a few helping hands to help keep the group going. So we are looking for a new, dedicated team member to help us out a bit with handling these applications…. Read More

Social Networking: Plurk and Avatar Social Network

asn and plurk - I

In previous articles I have gotten into the use of Flickr and how to use it to expand your audience of your blog and this time I will cover two other Social Networks that are both heavily used by Second Life residents – bloggers, creators, artist and designers: Plurk and Avatar Social Network. Maybe you have heard of them, maybe you are even active on one (or both), but I am sure a lot of fellow bloggers are not. Plurk Yes, it is really named that way. People on Plurk are called… Read More


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