Machinima, how about adding some life to your blog!


Yes. I am going to talk about machinima, or: short online videos you can produce when in Second Life. Social Media as a whole is a very visual world. Pictures win from text, videos win from pictures. This does not, by all means, imply you need to stop writing on your blog, not at all! Blogs still need written text, if you want them to be found in search engines and picked up by the Google bots, as fellow contributor Becky has pointed out in this excellent post on this subject. But… Read More

Painting big pictures with small stories – what the VR tech industry can learn from Second Life residents

Originally posted on Canary Beck:
Left to Right: Robert Morgan, game writer, narrative designer and voice director; Dan O’Hara, Senior Lecturer in English, New College of the Humanities, London; Zillah Watson, Editor, BBC Research & Development and Luciana Haill, a ‘neurofeedback’ artist. Photo by @rowlsmanthorpe (Rowland Manthorpe) London Technology Week kicked off yesterday, and today I attended a panel presentation called “Ready Player Two? Bringing virtual reality dreams to life“.¬†Generally, the speakers talked about the possibilities of virtual reality from their perspectives: entertainment, philosophical, journalistic, and artistic. One of the presenters talked…

Social Networking: Twitter

tweet and tumblr

After my series on Flickr 1, 2 and 3 and a blogpost on Plurk and Avatar Social Network – all articles trying to give you – bloggers –¬† an idea and/or inspiration on how to expand your blogs audience using Social Media, this post will cover Twitter. In a next post I will talk about Tumblr! Yes, there are many social media platforms out there. It is, in the end, up to you individually what and which platform suits you best. For some it may be Twitter, others rather stick to Plurk,… Read More


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