8 easy tips to drive more traffic to your old Second Life blog posts gems

Mining for Gems_Banner

In this post, I’m going to give you 8 tips on how to drive traffic to your hidden gems and timeless posts, to get your new followers to see your very best stuff!

Machinima, how about adding some life to your blog!


Yes. I am going to talk about machinima, or: short online videos you can produce when in Second Life. Social Media as a whole is a very visual world. Pictures win from text, videos win from pictures. This does not, by all means, imply you need to stop writing on your blog, not at all! Blogs still need written text, if you want them to be found in search engines and picked up by the Google bots, as fellow contributor Becky has pointed out in this excellent post on this subject. But… Read More

4 essential blogging secrets to help you write seductively readable SL blog posts

Seduce your visitors to read your blog

Successful bloggers use tried and true techniques that are a mystery to most of us. These 4 tips will entice your blog visitors to click and keep reading.


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