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Now you can upload your pictures only once!

Hey, did you know? You can use the picture you uploaded on flickr on your blog right away! No extra uploading needed.

Did you recover from fainting? Let me walk you through it.

We start with uploading the picture to Flickr (duh). Once you’ve done that, you’ll notice a fun little arrow on your uploaded pic. Why don’t you try clicking it?

You will get a little pop-up window, select ‘HTML embed’. (Note you also have handy buttons to share your picture directly on various social media, if you have those accounts linked to your Flickr)

You can select the size of your pic. Choose on option with 500, that’s big enough (We don’t want to throw an oversized close-up of our pixelated pretties in someone’s face before they had their morning coffee, right?). Copy the text under the size (<a data yaddayadda….), it’s usualy already selected, so you can just click copy.

Now go into your post. When you are writing up your posts, you usualy do it in the ‘Visual’ tab (for blogger users: ‘Compose’ tab). Now we go crazy and select the ‘HTML’ tab.

Paste the code you copied from Flickr where you want your picture to be. Switch back to the ‘Visual’ tab (or ‘Compose’ if you are in blogger) and guess what? Your picture is right there!

pastiewordpressAnd you know what? Now I can click your blog picture, end up on your Flickr and favorite your picture there. Like magic, right?

EDIT: I also delete the last part of the Flickr code, because it does unpretty things to my pictures (starting from <script… till the end)

Pose by flowey (using Tillie’s posestand), clothes by Tres Blah, shoes by, hands & feet by Slink, skin and eyes by Glam Affair, lashes by Beetlebones, hair by Lamb. (sorry for the drive-by-crediting, but this had to go fast!)

How one Second Life blogger niched her blog and got over 85,000 pageviews a month

MBA Fair_004

It’s no secret that I am an advocate for niching – in business and in blogging – and by now you must know I like to support my advice with evidence. Since first writing and advising Second Life bloggers to niche their blogs, I’ve looked for a compelling case study that showed the power of niching your Second Life blog. After a short look; I found it, and it’s MeshBodyAddicts.

A couple of months ago, I asked Daria (lildaria resident) to share her direct experience with niching her blog. Daria has been driving MeshBodyAddicts for nearly a year now, and her blog has become so successful, she’s even been able to spawn an event from it: The MeshBodyAddicts Fair.

The MeshBodyAddicts Fair features 82 designers, each showcasing exclusive items you’ll find only at the event, among other goodies made specifically for a range of mesh bodies. The event opens Saturday, August 1st, and Daria is giving SL Blogger Support members an early access pass on Friday, July 31st! Watch the in world group for those specific announcements.

In conversation with Daria at The MeshBodyAddicts Fair

In conversation with Daria at The MeshBodyAddicts Fair

But first, the exclusive interview with Daria of MeshBodyAddicts:

Canary Beck: Thank you very much, Daria, for taking the time out of what I’m sure is a busy schedule to chat with me. As you know, I want to talk to you about niching. I’ve been long advocating the value of niching to Second Life Bloggers, and I believe it’s one of the most important decisions a blogger can make if they want success.

Obviously, your blog’s niche clear, but your blog wasn’t alway about mesh bodies, or addicts, right? I’ve been deep into your archive posts, and I’ve found fashion posts about the typical things bloggers post about that had little to do with mesh bodies. My questions are: When did you start blogging, and when did your focus change?

Daria: You know I actually had to dig back into my blog history to answer this one! My blog was originally called ‘Cute Sexy Cool’, and it was really just me and my photos talking about fashion! I was new to blogging and SL fashion altogether, so more than anything I was exploring – and writing about it!

My blog changed around the same time the Belleza Venus mesh body was released. By that point, I’d been blogging for a while with very little success, and when the Venus came out I just fell in love with it. From there my blog naturally evolved into talking mostly about mesh bodies – I was fascinated with how they worked, how to dress them, how to use them – and mid to late last year I took the plunge and changed my blog name and focus to become Mesh Body Addicts!

Canary Beck: That’s fantastic. I think that most of our readers might already be familiar with your blog, but for the sake of clarity, who would you say your blog’s target audience is, and what problems do you solve for them?

Daria: My blog’s audience ranges from those who are new to mesh bodies right through to experienced mesh body users. I write a lot of tutorials for new users because it can be daunting to ‘make the change’ to mesh – but at the same time I get many enquiries from experienced users about the more complex topics, so I write tutorials to answer these enquiries too.

Canary Beck: People will flock to a blog that solves a difficult problem really well. Mesh bodies aren’t easy for beginners, so people see your blog as a resource, which is why you’re getting so many repeat views when compared to unique visitors. They’re treating it like a reference. And that’s what niche blogs become.

Daria: That’s what I set out for them to do really, I wanted it to be a reference point. I offer my readers access to up to date, topical information about mesh bodies and heads.

MBA Fair_005

MeshBodyAddicts Fair Reception Square

Canary Beck: Tell me, if you could summarise what you offer your target audience, how would say it?

Daria: My goal has always been to empower my readers by informing them about the choices available to them, helping them to make full use of their body/head and showcasing designers who make mesh bodies, mesh heads, and compatible fashion.

Canary Beck: Why did you choose to niche this way?

At a certain point I asked myself – why would anyone read my blog? What am I offering that will make them want to come back to my blog? And the answer was… nothing!!

Daria: It was a natural progression of my blog, but not without thought. As most bloggers would know, it can be extremely difficult to attract readers and at a certain point I asked myself – why would anyone read my blog? What am I offering that will make them want to come back to my blog? And the answer was… nothing!!

Mesh Bodies were a new concept then and I was already enthralled with them – so I searched for blogs about mesh bodies and found nothing, and that was my ‘ah-ha’ moment; there was a gap in the blogosphere on that topic, and I was so obsessed with mesh bodies already – so I went for it!

Canary Beck: Most of us now agree that niching is a good thing to do, but I’ve also heard that many bloggers don’t know how to go about doing it. How did you go about doing it?

Daria: At first I was simply including mesh bodies in my posts (specifically Venus, then Slink, then Maitreya…), but once I’d realised I wanted my blog to be focused on mesh bodies, I just bit the bullet and started talking about them, blogging about them and featuring them. I changed my blog name shortly after, and the rest followed.

Canary Beck: It sounds so easy. Ok, so you made the change back in October, and changed the name of your blog in November 2014. What has happened to your traffic since you changed your focus to mesh bodies?

Daria: Ok, here is a little breakdown of my stats up to June this year. In October 2014 I started talking more and more about mesh bodies on my blog, and in November 2014 I officially changed the name and solidified my ‘niche’.

Mesh Body Addicts' impressive rise in readership

Mesh Body Addicts’ impressive rise in readership since niching, in less than a year

Canary Beck: That’s a pretty impressive increase, Daria. Can you tell me more about the numbers we’re looking at here? How many views were you getting at the start of that chart (August 2014)?

Daria: 197 views.

Canary Beck: Yeah, that kind of number is pretty familiar to bloggers just starting out. So what happened when you changed your name and niche in October 2014?

Daria: In November 2014, the blog got 574 views.

Canary Beck: Now that’s a big jump. Awesome, but the numbers really start to climb in December 2014, don’t they?

Daria: Yeah, that’s when I got 5,286 views, followed by January 2014, when I got 14,543 views.

Canary Beck: Wow, that’s extraordinary. All from just changing your blog’s niche?

Daria: Now I know, it seems like a huge jump, and it is, but in December I also started posting more frequently (November had 13 posts; December had 27) and started getting more sponsors, so activity increased in large part because of that too.

Canary Beck: Ok, that makes sense too, so you not only changed your niche, but also posted more. But I can see you went back to posting only 11 days in June, while that’s the biggest number on the chart by far, how many views is that?

Daria: In June 2015 my blog received 86,503 views.

Canary Beck: Wow, over 85,000 views in one month. That’s more than most Second Life blogs get in a year! That’s fantastic! Do you find you get more engagement with your posts (likes, comments, follows or reblogs) since you niched?

By niching, you’re encouraging people with the same interests as you to read and follow your blog, which will naturally cause more interaction.

Daria: I do, and part of that is because now I have many more readers than I used to – but it’s only partly due to the fact that now I’m talking about a topic that’s of interest to my readers. By niching, you’re encouraging people with the same interests as you to read and follow your blog, which will naturally cause more interaction.

Canary Beck: I couldn’t agree more. But many bloggers say that they don’t want to limit themselves creatively by niching. Do you find it hard or dull to write about only one subject?

Daria: Never! It sounds trite I know, but if you love the topic it never gets dull. I could rant for hours about mesh bodies (sometimes I do) – so if there’s a topic that you can rant about for that long, it’s probably time to niche!

Canary Beck: Do you have agreements with designers? How has your relationship with creators changed since you niched your blog?

Daria: I don’t really have agreements per se – I have sponsors like most blogs do – that is, designers who help me to run my blog by providing me with items I love to wear and photograph, but other than that no. I don’t promote any body specifically, I wear the body I feel like wearing for any given photograph or blog entry. The only agreement really is that if I’m given a body/head, I will write a review on it that is my own words, based on fact and my own opinion.

To me, your blog is clearly more than just advertising; you share an opinion, and I really respect that.

Canary Beck: Oh yes, I do notice that you actually review items, from both a positive and negative side, which is rare for Second Life blogging. To me, your blog is clearly more than just advertising; you share an opinion, and I really respect that. I recently joined your inworld group, also called Mesh Body Addicts. Now, most bloggers don’t have inworld groups, and certainly not with nearly 800 members, would this have been possible if you’d not niched your blog?

Daria: No it wouldn’t have – but the group isn’t really an extension of my blog to be honest. I get a lot of enquiries from readers who want to talk about different bodies, and there weren’t any groups in world that openly allowed discussion of all different bodies – so I started one! I’ve always felt my blog was more of a ‘community’ than just me ranting on a page, so the group was part of continuing that community.

Mesh Body Addicts Fair

MeshBodyAddicts Fair – showing TWO levels of stores

Canary Beck: It’s no secret that you are in the midst of launching an event, can you tell me more about that and how your blog influenced it?

Daria: That’s right. The Mesh Body Addicts Fair opens August 1st and it’s something I’m so excited about, because it is a shopping event that will feature only mesh body compatible items! The event will run for three weeks, and will include a photo competition with some amazing prizes up for grabs, including an Eve mesh body and Eve’olution mesh head!

The Fair wouldn’t happen without my blog, that’s for certain, because my blog has given me a chance to meet some truly amazing designers who have been so supportive of me and my wild ideas! My readers have also been a huge support for me in designing this event – they’re always giving me feedback and helping me understand what they, as consumers, are looking for.

Canary Beck: That sounds great, and is another great example of a niche, with events. Now this might sound like an obvious question, given what we’ve discussed, but overall, do you think niching was a good decision for you?

Daria: It was. Why? Well because it allows me to blog about something I love, and a topic that continues to excite me. I think finding a ‘purpose’ for your blog is the most important thing you can do, whether you niche or not, and I found mine.

Canary Beck: Well, it’s also a very clear success. So tell me, what advice would you give other Second Life Bloggers who are anxious about niching their blog? Do you think there are good niches available?

Daria: There are – but remember, you don’t have to niche to be niche. If you don’t want your blog to be about one topic, you don’t have to by any means – you can still make it unique. Perhaps your blog is funny, or it’s touching, or it’s topical – standing out can be as simple as choosing a writing style, for example.

The key to niching (in my honest opinion) is to fully commit to it – and there are a lot of possibilities for niches out there. Gatchas, ethnicity based blogging, hair, fantasy or even blogs that focus solely on events are all examples of blogs I’d love to see. I wonder why there isn’t a hair only blog? Everyone loves hair…

Canary Beck: No kidding, maybe I should start a hair blog. I know I’ve been saying the same thing for months, but it seems to me that either most people don’t understand marketing or aren’t willing to do what it takes to grow their blogs.

Daria: Part of the problem is I think bloggers see a blog they love, and try to emulate it, rather than trying to seek out a fresh idea.

Canary Beck: Yes, I call that monkey see gorilla do.

Daria: But if I think about how I look at blogs – I love blogs like Skin addiction because it’s one thing – skin. I know if I go there I can find all I want to know about new skins, you know what I mean? Why not do that for hair, or shapes or gatchas or… anything really. They would attract a lot of readers – but the truth is, to do it, it would cost them time and money just seeking out the latest stuff to show readers.

In conversation with Daria at The MeshBodyAddicts Fair

In conversation with Daria at The MeshBodyAddicts Fair

Canary Beck: Agreed. Well, I’m seriously impressed, Daria. What a great result. In fact, your blog is such an inspiration, maybe I should be writing for you! Can I have a job?

Daria: LOL, sure thing, it pays nothing and takes up all your time. Sold?

Canary Beck: Hahaha…oh wait, I already have a job like that. Several, in fact.

Daria: Yes you do!

Canary Beck: Who do you aspire to?

Daria: I’m a total Berry fangirl. Her blog was the first blog I ever read in Second Life, I lived on her tutorials when I was learning photography.

Canary Beck: Yeah, I’m sure many bloggers would agree with you. She’s like an institution for blogging here. Anyone else?

I’m kinda carving my own path a lot.

Daria: That I aspire to? Not especially, I mean there are so many talented bloggers out there and photographers that are so good it makes me want to throw away my crayons and stop trying to be as good as they are LOL but I think now with the blog being so niche, I’m kinda carving my own path a lot.

Canary Beck: Niching feels good! So what’s next for MeshBodyAddicts?

Daria: I’ve been hearing a lot of suggestions about what would make MeshBodyAddicts even better. So, the blog is currently in migration from the platform it runs on now ( to its own independent and self-hosted platform! Nothing will change, not even the web address – but what it will mean is that I can start to offer all the things my readers have been wanting – like video tutorials, the ability to give their opinion on bodies/heads and fashion by use of a ‘star’ rating system, daily ‘fitmesh finds’ and much much more! Mesh Body Addicts is growing up guys *sniff* she’s becoming an adult!!

Learn more:

NoteThe MeshBodyAddicts Fair opens August 1st, 2015. Watch the in world group for an early access pass on July 31st, 2015 for all members of SL Blogger Support.

12 things we learned about you – SL Blogger Support Survey Results 2015

Camera HDR

A couple of weeks ago, I asked readers to share their views about SL Blogger Support. 131 respondents answered the survey. 50% live in the United States, 9% in the UK, 7% in Australia, 5% in Canada and the remaining from Europe. We even received responses from bloggers as far-flung as South Africa, Japan, Ecuador and India. The survey results show many interesting findings, however the top 12 results are

  1. Most bloggers found SL Blogger Support through word of mouth
  2. SL Blogger Support is growing in new readership while retaining long-term readers
  3. Most readers enjoy early access to events and information about destinations in Second Life
  4. Most readers want to see more posts about photography
  5. Most readers enjoy the helpful information and the support they get in the in world group
  6. Many readers like SL Blogger Support as it is, and have a lot of other things they would like from the group/site
  7. Readers feel helped the most by getting into events before they go public, among other things too
  8. Readers feel not getting enough traffic to their blog is their biggest challenge now
  9. Most or our readers prefer to learn by reading
  10. Most of our readers use as their blogging platform
  11. Most readers are most active on Facebook
  12. Almost all readers are happy to use email for their Second Life activities

Read more for details and interpretations. If you want to see a chart bigger, just click it.

1. Most bloggers found SL Blogger Support through word of mouth

Question 01


38.7% of survey respondents reported being told about SL Blogger Support by someone else. That’s a brilliant result because it shows that we’re enjoying great word of mouth. I’d say that fewer people chose “links on another website” than would have, because many people choosing “Other” commented they saw it on Facebook, Flickr, Blogging Second Life, and Plurk – to me these are “links on another website”. Looking at our stats which show how people get to the SL Blogger Support website, search engines are the largest sole source, accounting for nearly 20% of views. Plurk and Facebook follow.

2. SL Blogger Support is growing in new readership while retaining long-term readers

Question 02


Most (38%) of survey respondents reported they had read SL Blogger Support between 0 to 6 months. This suggests that we’re growing among new readers, while still staying attractive to longer term readers (44% – 1 to 3 years).

3. Most readers enjoy early access to events and information about destinations in Second Life

Question 03


The numbers were so close here, the main take away message is that people are enjoying the wide variety of content we’re offering.

4. Most readers want to see more posts about photography

Question 04


Apart from photography, people also want to see more post about destinations in Second Life, which aligns with Question 3’s answers (what do you most enjoy). This interest area tied with posts about promoting your blog, and followed closely by an interest in posts about social media. In general, people want us to share places to take pictures, and then help promote their blog posts.

5. Most readers enjoy the helpful information and the support they get in the in world group

Question 5 Popular Words

Question 5 Popular Words


I’ve selected a few of the 94 comments to represent the the rest (you can see a full answer set here: Question 5 Answer Detail):

“The group is very helpful if there’s anything you can’t find or something you not to sure about the group helps”

“I like that people talk in the chat, help each other out and the articles on here are really enlightening and educational”

“I loved the content (posts) this year the best. The different contributors have put out so much information. I wish it was like that when I first began blogging.”

“I do look at the resources/information it provides and welcome it as a learning tool despite just blogging for fun and an outlet. I’m not sure there is anything I like most, outside of group chat when I have wanted to find something or needed help with say my word press blog, and finding someone who has knowledge in the group chat can be very helpful for some of us who are not technically savvy.”

“The information and the way you help me think new about things I have been doing but can get better in. Helping me understand what to expect in different events and the early access is so appreciated!”

“I love that SL Blogger Support keeps me in the loop, from new fresh events, to new rounds at another event. I love the new releases the early accesses and the community that’s created where bloggers are helping bloggers out. I’ve shot photos on amazing sims as well that I heard about from SL Blogger Support. So really useful, really helpful and great people.”

“I love it as a source of information. When I need to know – I come to Blogger Support in the first instance ALWAYS. Its a wealth of information whether you are new to blogging or more established, like myself.”

“The most helpful on this site was photography tools. There are so many things that could be added that are not there, but maybe someone has not had the time to do them which is understandable.. But I got my start in learning from this site and I love that its a great tool for others to learn from. I always resort to this page first to find out if I can do things better.”

6. Many readers like SL Blogger Support as it is, and…

Some suggested a blogger event. Others suggested contributors pay more attention to non-fashion blogs, and some called for more varied participation from contributors / moderators in both posts and in the group. 79 respondents answered this question, and I’ve included a PDF of their comments here: Question 6 Answer Detail. I’ve also included some interesting comments below:

Sampled comments:

“I don’t feel as though I can ask for support from the group when I’m inworld and facing a problem. SL generally is not kind to people who are not in the know.”

“I would love when new people come in you could be more friendly on a personal level, no one said hi to me, and no one has IM’d me. I am learning about this group, and maybe you could ask if people would like to be mentors for the group. If people coming into the group learn about this and if they feel like they need one it would be a very valuable thing, I know I would appreciate it. I don’t need hand holding, but sometimes I do need a little more in depth understanding of something.”

“It would be nice if everyone felt included.

Sometimes in the comments sections, or with events like Bloggers Challenges, only some people receive feedback or interaction. Not everyone is comfortable making the effort to participate and when they try, and are ignored, it can make it more difficult for them to try again. Some of these people are left feeling like they are not welcome or part of the group.”

“There is one thing that I wish was different. I’ve been inworld a few times, when others have trashed the personal choices that others have made for their blogs. For example, I wish so and so knew how annoying music is in a blog–especially when it plays right away. Unfortunately, this was a conversation that took place in group chat.”

“Having a panel that reviews content of SL blogs in an effort to point out likes and dislikes in a constructive manner that helps bloggers grow.”

“I guess for me it would be a better updating posts in Designer or Event areas that are looking for bloggers. There were a couple of times I came to check it out after getting ready to rotate sponsors or events, to better grow and a lot of the events were past the due date of applications having to be in. So it brought the search down to maybe 1 or 2 up to date. Other than that I love the communication, the articles are even better to see from someone else’s point of view, making some of us know that we’re not the only ones.”

“I like what you do thus far, I am sure there is only so much a person can do unless they are actively always on the site to updated it. I would love to see more support team members that are actively posting. I see the same ones over and over which is not a complaint, I just notice that you have a team of support that do not always contribute.”

“Maybe host an event that would benefit bloggers – like a bloggers’ convention.

People could give seminars on issues that are relevant to bloggers, both experiences and those who are new to blogging. There could be live entertainment where people can come out and dance (come as you are, formal attire, or themed). Merchants can sell/promote relevant items that benefit bloggers. A press package could be put together as part of the fee to attend composed of a variety of items from different merchants. Bloggers could blog them which would serve as promotion for the stores involved.”

“I’m a strong advocate of ‘lifestyle’ blogs. The SL blogosphere is very heavily weighted in favour of clothes/fashion/household items.”

7. Readers feel helped the most by getting into events before they go public, and…

They also enjoyed photography tutorials and posts about promoting their blog posts, and feeling like they are not alone. 82 respondents answered this question, and you can find all the answers here: Question 7 Answer Detail.

Sampled comments:

“In the beginning it was definitely the updates about events and designers looking for bloggers, however I have just realized I don’t visit those pages any longer (read as, my plate is full – not that the information is not useful.) I tend to use SL Blogger Support to keep abreast of new topics and new approaches to managing and maintaining my blog.”

“Inspiration, especially with the last couple of posts that I have read. I tend to be a solo person and do not have many if any blogger friends and it is nice to find that it’s not only me running into some issues out there! As well as listing which stores are currently looking for people :D”

“General writing skills, headline writing, inspiration from other bloggers and feeling like their is a community of bloggers that will help each other instead of fighting for sponsorships.”

“I can’t really say it’s helped me a lot in my blogging. It’s great to read the posts of how to increase traffic and using social media, for the most part in just staying up to date with events has been helpful.”

“It is nice feeling part of a group who have some of the same goals as I do.

I really felt a float out in the internet and this has really helped me with a lot of things, thank you so much for your hard work. The ones we know about and definitely the ones we do not!”

“Even though my computer is crap and I have to “fake it til I make it” with photoshop most of the time, the information on taking pictures and the windlights has truly been the greatest help. Finding the information I needed to help me use what I had to its fullest potential has made me a much better blogger and photographer.”

“SL Blogger support has helped me with marketing my blog more than anything. I have found Becky’s articles to be invaluable with getting my blog off the ground and evolving it into something that I’m hoping to be successful in the future.”

“I’ve been very lucky. Others have given me advice on how to link a picture to my blog, so the picture isn’t small. Word press has small pictures,as opposed to linking them with Flickr. I’ve been taught so many skills with the help from others. I’ve read articles that helped to increase my blog traffic and even inspired me to keep going–and appreciate the journey. I’m a better blogger because of SL Blog Support. I hope that it keeps growing and improving.”

“The tutorials is where I first landed. At the time, it was the most complete area of the site and where this group really shines. Also, tuning into group chat every now and then reminded me that I wasn’t alone in this thing.”

8. Readers feel not getting enough traffic to their blog is their biggest challenge now

Question 08


Apart from the obvious, it’s also clear that bloggers are pressed for time (24%) citing it as their 2nd biggest challenge. This finding, along with answers to the other questions in the survey, suggest that readers want to learn more about promoting their blogs, and potentially, time saving tips and tricks. I pivoted this answer by different the longevity of readers and found that 29% of bloggers reading us for 1-6 months cite this as their biggest challenge). When I looked specifically at respondents reading us for 2-3 years, I found that the greatest (33%) cited not enough time to post as their biggest challenge (followed by not enough traffic – 23%) Clearly, these challenges don’t get much easier as time goes on.

9. Most or our readers prefer to learn by reading

Question 09


I asked this question to see if we needed to do more multimedia. To my surprise,  most people just want to read. People also want video but not as much as I had assumed. What was very interesting to me, and this was also mentioned in several comments to the other questions, is that many readers (22%) want to learn in an event setting.

10. Most respondents use as their blogging platform

Question 10


This answer surprised me, not because I don’t think is awesome, but because my analysis of blogs listed with Blogging Second Life show that most bloggers listed use Blogger. Most of our readers use, which makes writing technical articles easier. With that said, 23% of readers said they used Blogger, so this will remain an area we’ll be conscious of.

11. Most readers are most active on Facebook

Question 11


This finding came as no surprise – Facebook, among our readers at least, is king. What really surprised me, given that Plurk is our 3rd biggest all-time referrer (after search and Facebook), that more people are active on Twitter and Google+! Reddit, was a clear loser in this race. One significant oversight (my fault) was that I didn’t include Flickr as a social network, which respondents mentioned 25 times (out of the 42) in the “Other” replies. Another strange finding to me, was that more people chose Pinterest. Perhaps many just forgot about Flickr because I didn’t list it? I’ll include it next time I run the survey.

12. Almost all readers are happy to use email for their Second Life activities

Question 12


Some respondents might have found this question surprising. Why would I want to know if they used an email address? Well, a very big trend in blogging is mailing list generation (direct-to-email). I’ve always suspected that most people create and use email addresses for their avatars that they might exchange for exclusive content, and now we have our answer, only 2% did not use email for their SL activities.


The inspiration to survey SL Blogger Support readers arose from a conversation I had with our founder, Katya Valeska. She asked me what kind of resources (contributors) we might recruit or reenergize to keep building SL Blogger Support. I said to her, if we really want to know who to get on the team, we need to understand more about our readers, what they like, and what they want from SL Blogger Support. Now, we have the answers we need to not only reenergize the contributor team, but to also recruit new contributors who might be able to offer the talents our readers most want access to.

First of all, SL Blogger Support, while not perfect, is in excellent health and growing faster and faster among new and more seasoned bloggers alike.

Clearly, members love getting early access to events – long may that continue!

Further, I think a few obvious to-dos include finding

  1. people to help write more photography tutorials – many people want this so quality posts on the subject will no doubt have a very receptive audience
  2. a more varied slate of writers writing about promoting your blog – readers consider this their number one challenge, so we’ll definitely keep sharing our ideas on how to face that challenge as effectively as possible
  3. more help around writing more up to date coverage of destinations that bloggers might enjoy learning about – again, a big area we could do better with, which is something I’d love to see improve in the future

It’s wonderful to see how much people value the in world group too. With that said, it’s clear that we could do a better job at welcoming and helping (i.e. supporting) those bloggers who are new to blogging and might not know as much as more seasoned bloggers do.

I believe an exciting area we can look into is hosting an in world blogger event – bloggers clearly want to meet each other, extend the relationships they’ve formed in the group, and learn from each other in 1 to 1 and workshop style conversations. I can’t see why we might not start informally, and I’d be happy to offer my region (Basilique) as a meeting point should we wish to go in that direction.

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey and for helping shape the future of SL Blogger Support.


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