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SL 11th Birthday Community Celebration is coming!

Originally posted on SL Community Celebration:

The event will be held from Sunday June 22nd – Sunday June 29th—seven days of amazing exhibits, music, conversation, debate, firework displays, games, puzzles, sports and everything else the wonderfully inventive communities of SL can pack into seven days and 11 sims.

Actually, even that won’t be the end of it, as the sims will be open for a further seven days for everyone to explore.

What’s our theme?

The theme this year takes inspiration from a quote by the British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill:

The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.

Last year’s theme was “Looking Forward, Looking Back,” but we focused mostly on looking back, and rightly so, as 10 years was an important milestone and a perfect opportunity to reflect back on where we came from.

This year it’s time to look forward; to imagine where we are headed.

When Winston Churchill said…

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SL11B Celebration begins June 22nd at Noon SLT

Sway’s Happy Birthday SL Cookie Bear

“The empires of the future, are the empires of the mind” ~ Winston Churchill

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