Event Coordinators Looking

List of Events Looking for Bloggers:

Events with an application end date: 

Gothmas by Gaslight /Axi Kurmin, Sonya Marmurek (blogger coordinator)/December 15 – January 3
Blogger Application:  HERE until December 10 (Flickr pool)

Tales of Fantasy /Taiinted Resident & Harvest Dezno/December 10 – Jan ?? (Bi-monthly event)
Blogger Application:  HERE until ASAP (Flickr pool)

A Tattered Page /Axi Kurmin, Sonya Marmurek (blogger coordinator)/January 7th – 31st
Blogger Application:  HERE until January 5 (Flickr pool)

Fashion Fair 2014 / Royal Event Management: AnnaGrey Resident, Nheria Resident / Begins February 1
Blogger Application: HERE until January 15

Events with no application end date:

One Word /MelissaJeanne Flores, Rockstarroo Gossipgirl/Bimonthly 1st – 15th of each round 6 times a year – January, March, May, July, September, November/ Application: HERE (Flickr Pool)

Covert Affairs Hunts / Crys Lexenstar & Zarani Metaluna / These are for Upcoming Events

Blogger Application: HERE

The Challenge Event / Paco Pooley / Home & Garden Theme Monthly Event.
Blogger Application:  HERE

Enhancement / Enhancement Resident / Monthly Event
Blogger Application: HERE

SL Vogue  /Amira Tiratzo / This is for Upcoming Events
Blogger Application: HERE

Cosmopolitan Sale Room /Corina Wonder /Bi-weekly Event (also looking for Blog Manager)

Blogger Application: HERE  , location

Hello Tuesday /Corina Wonder / Weekly Event
Blogger Application: HERE 


3 Comments on “Event Coordinators Looking

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  2. I love this list, great job guys :) Does anyone know if Cosmopolitan is still looking for bloggers? They’re listed here, but when I go to the link I’m told Bloggers are by invite only….

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