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List of Events Looking for Bloggers:

To be added:
Apply Here :  We receive many applications and try to update this page at least twice weekly.  Your request will be posted with the caveat that we will decline any events where work contains IP Infringement.  If you have any questions about your application or there is any urgency required, please contact a support team member.

Events with an application end date: 

The 2016 Unknown Hunt – Evelyn Hartshon | Annually | FLICKR | Application: HERE until March 16, 2016

SWANK – Adonislubomir | Monthly | FLICKR | SLURL | Application: In World Notecard until Oct 2016

Premium Only Event – Ikonik Resident | Monthly | FLICKR | SLURL | Application: HERE until July 27, 2018

REVAMPED – Jamee Sandalwood | MonthlyFLICKR | SLURL | Application: HERE until December 31, 2016

-The Project Se7en- – Tony Prinz | Seasonal | FLICKR | SLURL | Application: HERE until March 30th, 2016

Roulett3 Event -Georgina Daylight | Monthly | FLICKR | SLURL | Application HERE until Feb 25th, 2016.

Bodyfy event – Souriny Dezno | Quartely | FLICKR | SLURL | Application HERE until March 15th.

Sequin Event -sequinevent Resident |Monthly | FLICKR | SLURL | Application HERE until February 5.

MultiverseDevinVaughn | FLICKR | SLURL | Application HERE until February 15th.

7 Comments on “Event Coordinators Looking

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  2. I love this list, great job guys :) Does anyone know if Cosmopolitan is still looking for bloggers? They’re listed here, but when I go to the link I’m told Bloggers are by invite only….

  3. You have the wrong application for the fantasy collective. According to the fantasy collective blogger application on their website, they aren’t accepting responses.


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