Taking it one day at a time…

As a blogger, I always worried about time. If you think about everything that we do (as a blogger or even as a creator/event organizer) we balance it through Time. Do we have time for this, or do we have time for that? Why isn’t there ten million hours in the day?? I NEED TO BLOG ALL THE THINGS! So really? How long does it take to actually Blog? From conception to the finished product it can take anywhere from a half hour up to four hours (there are people who spend… Read More

Blogger, Blogga! Bloggrrr

Blogger, Blogga! Bloggrrr. via Blogger, Blogga! Bloggrrr.   Take a moment. It’s a good read!

Hunting high…

This week has been a whirlwind – so many things are on my plate right now that I’m about to overflow and don’t know which way to end up. I finally had a chance to take a picture the other night for the upcoming Fantasy Gacha Carnival and Enchantment – two fabulous events that start on the 1st of February, of course, embracing the genre of role-play and your own fantastical desires. So while I was figuring out what to blog, I realized that as a blogger it takes a lot of… Read More


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