Getting the Most out of Your raw Shots

Hello, everyone!  I have had quite a few people ask me how I get such good shadows for my shots on my blog posts, so I have decided to show you all a little trick that makes a big difference! I take photos in SL Beta Viewer.  I strongly recommend you click here for Strawberry Singh’s explanation on how to make sure your pictures come out perfect while using it. Once you have your dimensions, resolution, and graphics settings squared away, you may notice that the windlight setting you are using is… Read More

Neva River Sim Photography Challenge


Neva Crystall and Alex Bader are hosting a wonderful Photography Challenge! If you love to take landscape photos in Second Life and enjoy playing with windlighting and angles, I highly suggest checking this challenge out. Neva has opened her sim up to the public again for the next two weeks, so the time is short! Good luck to you all! Information about the challenge can be found on Neva’s blog To join the Flickr Group:HERE To check out the sim: Neva’s Sim


Hey Guys! Its me again with Week #2 of my Sim Location Spotlight Series! This week I have chosen to use the Hazardous Sim!  If you have any sims you would like featured in this series please let me know! and.. if you use any if the sims featured please also let me know! Warning! This post is a bit picture heavy (10+ in total)


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