SL Blogger Meetup Announced – This Saturday 1pm @ Basilique


One of the key insights from the SL blogger’s survey I conducted earlier this summer was that bloggers wanted to get together ‘in-the-pixel’ to meet and chat together in world. Well, let’s do it! I’m teaming up with Lyrical Ember to host the first SL Blogger Support Meetup at my region, Basilique! We’ll meet in the Chapel, pictured above and our topic will be: “Project Sansar: Are SL bloggers ready?”

3 Simple tricks on ‘How to get rid of your readers and followers’

How to

So you have a blog, be it about fashion, locations, news or adventures or what else you write about and with such a thing comes: readers. You know, the people who look up what you write and at your pictures and they keep coming back for more….! In this post I will give you three simple tips on how you can get rid of those readers, and followers, and with a minimum of effort you will soon be free from them, including on other social media platforms you may use – like… Read More

15 Current Feeds & Some Tips On Applying.

With all the talk about us all being kicked out of one of the feeds I decided to go through the ones I could find and make an updated list for you all. I hope you find this helpful. ☞ Remember, when applying to a feed. ✔ Read the requirements for each site. Check to see if you need to have them listed in your blog before they will accept you.     Put those under a heading of FEEDS PENDING or some variation of this. ( I make a separate page on my blogs for feeds pending then feeds… Read More


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