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Halloween is coming, share your photo-spots!

In my previous blogpost I asked you all to share your favourite, photogenic, locations for Autumn photoshoots and the suggestions were all awesome! Thank you all for sharing these amazing places!
For your convenience, here is the list of the places you shared :


Autumn - Good Memories

Good Memories


With Halloween around the corner, the next question is of course: share your favourite, photogenic and blogger friendly, Halloween places!
Be it spooky and creepy or just amazingly sweet with cute pumpkins and candy……just let us know, in the comments below, which place is a must-visit for cool Halloween pics!

I will give a heads up with two places I’ve visited!

The first is Dark Moon – a CALAS GALADHON sim, for sure creepy but very different as this is located in an abandoned space-ship….(now that’s something else!)

Halloween - Dark Moon

Dark Moon


The second one is a foggy place, filled with witches on broomsticks flying around and zombie-like creatures : Halloween Horror by bad Katz…brrr!

Halloween Horror by Bad Katz

Halloween Horror by Bad Katz

I can’t wait to explore the places you guys recommend – Happy blogging!




It’s Autumn, share your photo-spots!

First of all I hope you all had a wonderful, relaxing summer! I for one love summer but I also enjoy the next season: autumn! Not only in real-life, but in Second Life as well.

With all the new fashion and decorations for this season, you are perhaps looking for the perfect location to do photo-shoots for your blog. I know I am!
And since sharing is caring, I will kick off with two lovely fall locations, that are great for taking pictures in a true Autumn atmosphere.

Luane’s World – Romantic Sim:

This is the mainstore sim of LW poses by Luane (Luanemeo.resident) – and it is beautifully decorated for autumn. Take the time to wander around and enjoy! I am sure you will find it perfect for pictures!

Taxi to Luane’s Romantic Sim

Luane World Romantic - I

Luane’s Romantic Sim

Luane World Romantic - II

Luane’s Romantic Sim

My second choice for now is Land of Rainbows. An Adult sim, gay hangout, and a perfect place for taking pictures, there are many awesome spots to choose! You should really check it out.

Taxi to Land of Rainbows

Land of Rainbows - II

Land of Rainbows

Land of Rainbows - I

Land of Rainbows

My question to you is: do you have or know a great seasonal location, which is blogger/photographer friendly?

If yes…please, please share it in the comments, with a SLURL!

Don’t be shy, show us your favourite Autumn Photo-spot!

Happy Blogging!