Should there be proper etiquette for designer’s managers?

I decided to write a post regarding the proper etiquette of a designer’s ‘blogroll manager’. Or, if in fact, we should write a guide on how one should treat their bloggers and what they should expect from them? I was recently approached by a designer’s blogroll manager and asked to join their blogger’s group. Now, I had warned this person in advance that I am really behind and would not be able to blog this designer’s item anytime soon. After much forewarning to a manager with a seriously pushy attitude (this should have a been a HUGE warning sign), I agreed that I would try to post something for them in next  7-10 days. Granted, this would not be feature post, but just another item in the mix. A few days after she had initially contacted me, I was asked “why” I haven’t blogged anything from this group. Now, did this person just ignore everything I had told her? I reiterated our previous conversation and also the fact that I did not ask to blog this product! Like I had mentioned, she contacted me. I always like to promote new designers and give them exposure, but this was ridiculous. I did not want to be a part of a group that expected me to post for them almost every day! I have met so many wonderful designers, as well as their hard-working managers, and have NEVER had this experience! Most designers I have dealt with have been very understanding and never had such expectations. Now, if I had asked for their creations, this would be a whole other story. I also understand when a designer drops me from their group/list, for the purpose of having not blogged their creations for some time. I am manager for a designer too, so I can see this issue from both sides.

Personally, I have worked very hard to get to where I am in SL blogosphere. And it is not very far! LOL!  I appreciate and am always deeply flattered when any designer decides to send to me their creations. I would love to blog all of it! I do not take anyone’s generosity for granted! I can’t even begin to understand just how hard designers work and to earn a living in this unstable economy.I also have a great respect for all the content creators who have made SL what it is. Unfortunately, I have not been well lately and have had a lot of technical issues with SL too. So, I had to take a small break from posting. The workload does pile-up FAST! Now that I am back and trying to catch-up, it is much more work than ever!  And, once again, most designers/managers understand this! I take a lot of pride in my posts and put a lot of time and effort into them. The main questions are: Do you want quantity of quality? Do you listen to a blogger’s needs when you are approaching them? What do you expect from your bloggers, if you are designer or designer’s manager?  Am I wrong to feel this way?  Should we create a ‘Etiguette Guide’ for designer’s managers and blogroll managers?

I hope this post is not taken the wrong way, but I feel this is something that many bloggers have had on their mind…  And, once again, I am so grateful to all who support and consider me to represent their creations….


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    Since I don’t seem to have time to do my own blog posts, I’d love you to check Lila’s. Also, have a look at the SL Blogger Support blog, this will likely become an important resource for all bloggers – and readers alike!

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