So many awesome contests!

So I believe this had to become a blog post because really, people don’t normally read notecards and not everyone is on plurk and not everyone watches Flickr religiously (like I do…I get lost for hours *eep*), but anyway there is so much awesomeness of contests happening! I highly recommend trying them out. Not only will it help in development of photography skills, but it can really get you out there and win you some awesome prizes! 1. Mon Tissu – by Elie Spot & Anouk Spot New Blogger Search! Fashion Editorial… Read More

Designer Dish: Carrie Snowpaw

Carrie Snowpaw’s name is synonymous with creativity and elegance. Her Snowpaws designs are feminine, flowy and fabulous. I had the good fortune of meeting Carrie at a Flutter Fashionistas meeting for Petites a few weeks ago, and I’m not gonna lie, I was star struck and a little tongue tied, but she couldn’t have been nicer. She was so awesome, in fact, that she agreed to be my first Designer Dish interview for [SL] Blogger Support! Behold! Shiloh: Well, I guess I’m going to start with the obvious questions 🙂 how long have… Read More

Depth of Field Tutorial 2- Faking It!

Hi! Ok, so I wrote a DOF (depth of field) tutorial a while back, and one thing I have heard is that some people just don’t have graphics cards that can handle DOF. If this is the case for you, fear not! You can add depth to your photos by using Photoshop. It’s actually really easy and there are tons of ways to accomplish this effect. I am going to show you one of these ways. Stay tuned for other techniques in future posts, and feel free to share your own! First, let me… Read More