*Tea Time* Is Looking For 15 New Bloggers!

*Tea Time* Rules for participants: (15 Winners) *RULES*: I have received many Bloggers requests this month and decided to give a chance to 15 bloggers to be part of the *Tea Time* “Bloggers Group”. But .. we want to choose only the best and then we will have to prove it by creating a post with a minimum 3 items from *Tea Time*. We will choose the top 15 according to these rules: 1-High quality of editing. 2-Your blog must have minimum 2 feed. 3-Your blog must exist at least 6 months…… Read More

Raid Your Closet Challenge is BACK!

Lucie asked me if I would post this for you bloggers and here you go! I’m taking her own words and showing you the awesome new challenge that you can sink your teeth into! Enjoy fellow peeps! Let the Raid begin! Dear Shopping Addict, I, like many in SL, have a rather vast inventory of things I buy and then never even wear or use once! I created this Flickr challenge last year called the Raid Your Closet Challenge (RYCC for short). My blog was born of this challenge, and I (and… Read More

Originally posted on Harvest the Geek:
So I brought it up the other day that I want to start posting with other people due to getting sick of just seeing myself all over my blog. After thinking about it, I kinda wanna reach out and do a blogger’s challenge for everyone to participate in because its definitely something we all can benefit from. The only kinda catch I’m looking for in this blogger challenge is, the people you will be posting with shouldn’t be someone you have blogged with before and talk…