SL Bloggers Group on Facebook and Contest!

Skyla Tunwarm started a Facebook group back a bit ago called: SL Bloggers Group. It’s gaining momentum on the social network. It’s a place where you can join and post your blog posts almost like you would a feed. If you’re interested in joining and have a Facebook account, you can join by clicking: HERE Also! She’s running a Halloween Photo Contest! There’s also a Linden Prize! Although it’s short notice – we thought we’d share. All entries must include: Blog must be in a Halloween theme One Entry per person To… Read More

Truth & Perception

The French writer Gustave Flaubert wrote “there is no truth; there is only perception.” A while ago, someone told me that a close friend of theirs referred to me as “the girl that uses the boob gif in plurk”. Initially I laughed than after more questioning was told how “people” and “everyone” perceived me. To this I laughed and brushed it off, because I don’t waste time, nor energy about myself with what or how people choose to perceive me. I stated this and said I doubt anyone worries about how others choose to view them, as… Read More

The Inkwell- A NEW Live Music Venue!

We all get in ruts in SL, I think. I know a lot of bloggers and creators who admit to spending most of their SL time alone on a platform in the sky. Maybe that’s you. Maybe you’ve just been doing the same thing every day for a while now- same people, same things, same places. Some days (or weeks on end) I see no more of SL than the stores I shop in, the places I take photos and my own skybox. My communication is limited to IMs while I edit… Read More