Behind the blogging scenes: Tips for an easier inventory management

While we are all raiding our closets this month, I thought it’d be nice to show how you how I got my inventory sorted.
Now, I’m not saying this is the only way to sort your inventory. There are many, many ways and we choose what works for us and our SLives. But every now and then I see people asking: “Oh how you sort your hair/clothes/… folder?” on plurk, so I figured I’d share some tips. I shall, ofcourse, be focusing on ‘blogger’ things. You can learn from it, roll your eyes in disgust or something in between 😉

This, dear readers, is my inventory. Isn’t it all neat and shiny?

As you can see, I use the default folders. They are there, so why not put them to good use?

The folders Animations, Body Parts, Calling Cards, Clothing and Current Outfit contain just what’s in their name. (In my Gesture folder I keep my textures. When I kept them in my Texture folder, they ended up in the trash way too easy, so I moved my Textures to another folder.)

Tip: Keep your Landmarks, Notecards, Objects and Textures folder empty or organized in folders. When someone, let’s say a designer, drops something (a NC about a blog request, a LM to check out their store or a review copy) on you, it’s easy to spot.

In my Landmarks,  I have seperate folders for stores I want to check out. After I checked them out, I probably bought something that I’ll blog, so I delete the landmark.
In my Notecards there is a folder for blog stuffs, like notes with ideas, blogger applications I did, etc.

The Photo Album, Scripts, Trash and Exodus folder are pretty self-explanatory. Which leaves only the Outfits and Sounds folder to discuss. This is where the good stuff is hiding.

Starting from the bottom, we have the Sounds folder. I have no Sounds (What the bleep would I be doing with that?), so I use it as my ‘To be sorted folder’. I keep demos of things I (kinda) want to buy or want to use in a blogpost. The folder for Picture ideas is where I keep special props that could inspire me for a nice picture.
Items from the Freebs or Purchases folder can make it up to the Outfits folder, where they wait in line to be blogged. Again I have subfolders for Current events, things I bought and want to blog and review copies. I keep purchases seperate from review copies, that way I can make sure to alert the designer when I blogged their review copy.

So when I want to blog, all I have to do is click my Outfits folder open, pick an item and just go from there. It helps to reduce the ‘OMGAH I have nothing to wear or to blog’ feeling.

Tip: Keep a folder for your blog, where you gather review copies, event information, etc. This way important information has less chance to get lost.

So what about you, my fellow bloggers? Do you have special blog folders?

Other good reads on inventory sorting are Anya Ohmai‘s, and Evenlyn Hartson’s 12 and 3. These focus mostly on getting your clothing from frustration to fabulous!

Hair: Carmen – Truth
Skin: Lilith – Glam affair
Eyes: Tsubura – UH
Lashes: Mesh eyelashes – Maitreya [Group gift]
Nails: Sculpted nails – Pixel mode

Shirt: Ruched button down –
Necklace: Whiskey and sunlight necklace – Balderdash
Shorts: Holli – E!
Stockings: Shiny Pantyhose II – No.9 Nylons
Shoes: Basic.pumps –

Chair: Maxine – Aria


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