Truth & Perception

The French writer Gustave Flaubert wrote “there is no truth; there is only perception.” A while ago, someone told me that a close friend of theirs referred to me as “the girl that uses the boob gif in plurk”. Initially I laughed than after more questioning was told how “people” and “everyone” perceived me. To this I laughed and brushed it off,
because I don’t waste time, nor energy about myself with what or how people choose to perceive me. I stated this and said I doubt anyone worries about how others choose to view them, as opinions are like assholes: we all have them.

How I See Myself

What it did do was get me to thinking about how the people who I do care about, and the people who do know me; perceived me. So I bravely asked 3 close friends that know
me better than most in sl to style me as they saw me. Let’s saw it was a very fun, yet enlightening time for myself and my friends. Their view of me was shocking in
some cases and comical in others.

How KawaiiNicole sees me

My first look is from KawaiiNicole and we have been friends for a long time now. If I had to sum up our friendship it would be antagonistic with a splash of twisted humor!
When I asked Nicole to sum up how she perceived my style she said: “Versatile sophisticated style”; ok I think I can live with that! Are you brave enough to ask how your friends perceive you, your style? If you take the leap of faith, share your results by posting pictures in the “Perception & Truth” flickr group. That is all for now, until next time, stay sexy and always remember to have fun! I will post my other two looks on my blog, check it out here!

~Dani Riaxik~

Look #1 (left)
Outfit: “Rope Harness” Bodysuit by Haste (Available @Cinema!)
Hair: “Jemima” by Truth **New Release**
Skin: “Lea” by Ploom (@ Zodiacs “Libra” Round, Over Now)

Look #2 (Right)
Corset: “My Feathered Waspie” Corset by La Penderie de Nicole (@ Le’ Accessories)
Skirt: “Mesh Pencil Skirt” by Maitreya ( A Group Exclusive)
Hair: “Gosling” by Burley **New Release**
Jewelry: “Fallen Earrings & Fallen Gray Necklace” by Amorous
Nails: “Fierce Tip Nails” by Synthetique
Shoes: Talon Pumps by Azoury (@ Le’ Accessories)
Skin: “Faith” Natural Glitter by PXL VIP Gift

Prop & Poses
Captivity Poses “The Photographer” Camera
A:S:S “The Factory Building”
Virtual Props “GoGo Vacation” Photography Pose Prop

KawaiiNicoles Look for Me
Dress: “Kennedy” Mesh Dress by Rebel Hope
Shoes: Ultraplatform Pumps by N-Core
Hair: “Flattery” by Elikatira
Skin: “Faith” Natural Glitter by PXL VIP Gift
Glasses: “Reading” Glasses by Filthy
Nails: French Nails by Izzie’s
Clutch: “Olympia” Leather Clutch Bag by Luse
Shape: My Own
Pose & Props
Label Motion Venus Pose Pack


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