Inspire Me: Week 2

Inspire Me!

Wow you guys, our first Inspire Me week was a HUGE success. I am so pleased that so many of you are finding this useful! Now on to Inspire Me Week 2!

Monday: What Makes the Man?

Tuesday: A Few of My Favorite Things -Suggested by Krisyka Bellic

Wednesday: Secret Places

Thursday: I Need a Hero!

Friday: Teardrops on My Guitar

Saturday: As Time Goes By

Sunday: Essential Pieces – Suggested by Elysium Hynes

Don’t forget to post your photos to the [SL]Blogger Support Flickr group. Have a great week you guys, and keep bloggin’!

Here are a few photos from last week’s Inspirations!

Smile Like You Mean It

Leaves are Fallin’

Inspire Me: Week 1: Wednesday
Lean on me (Unforgettable Quotes)


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