Freshman Orientation: Gwin LeShelle

Remember your first blog post? I remember mine and how nervous yet excited I was to share it on my sparkling new blog. I didn’t sleep the entire night before because of butterflies and all these crazy ideas floating around in my head. For me it was like the night before starting school each year. So many hopes, expectations and yes dreams! Well it has been a long road since that first blog post and I have learned a lot, made mistakes and met some incredible people on my journey. And try as I may, that first post is horrid, I am still so incredibly proud of it.

Starting today and every Wednesday & Sunday I will be introducing you to other bloggers on this same path. Some you will know and others maybe not so much, but it does not by any means diminish their incredible talents. They are the new faces, voices and fashion guru’s to watch and know in Second Life!


Freshman blogger Gwin LeShelle of Rainbowfarts and Glitterburps has the cutest blog and I simply love her kawaii-sexy style!

Freshman Blogger Gwin LaShelle

1. How long you been blogging? I started my blog on the 27th of August this year! ^^

2. Why did you make the decision to start blogging? Three main reasons!

  • Many ppl in-world and on flickr (I’m on Flickr for a few years now) asked for my outfit details…and it got more and more lol D:
  • I was really bored and searched for a new thing to do on SL xD
  • Friends bugged me as long as I finally gave in 😛

3. Who inspired/inspires you in your blogging?

When you are asking for a certain fashion blogger…I can tell you in all honesty…NO ONE! Actually I haven’t read many blogs before I started blogging there were only a few ppl whose blogs I checked from time to time cause they posted things on plurk…so what inspires music and my mood on that and when I see pink things <.< That’s my main inspiration..colors!! I love everything happy and colorful… that’s me! And my fave designers in SL…really they are an endless puddle of rainbowfarts and glitterburps for me! I don’t know HOW these ppl keep making awesome things for sooo many years now…and they still get better lol

4. What blogger would you most like to meet and do a collab with? Willis! aka Willow Zander! And I would demand her to touch me allover…and yes I would never shower again! Nah for real she’s just an awesome person! I adore her as a person and would love to do a post with her! And now I will crawl out of her bum again LOL

Gwin LaShelle

5. What are some of the challenges you face in your blogging? It’s really hard to keep up with events, and sometimes people see your blog…seem to like what you do and drop things at you…sometimes unfortunately things that aren’t me! I try to blog as much of those things as possible BUT sometimes it’s not possible to change that much and then I feel like a tit! And as new blogger its…weird!! I always bought all my stuff and still buy the most on my own so I still feel all weirded out when someone drops review copies at me…but it makes me all proud the same time too xD! It’s really hard as a new blogger to get into “Event blogging” lol cause many designers are like “I don’t know you, bye!” most designers want a blog that’s around for more then 6 months, and syndicated etc.etc.

I’m on one feed and exist for 2.5 months and had almost 3k hits! I think that’s not sooo bad (although I still flail when I get a new hit lol) so I think you can’t put all bloggers in one box! But many are really awesome and give even new bloggers like me a chance to do work for them 😀 Actually I always jizz my pants of all proudness when someone likes the stuff I do especially designers…cause I blog only stores I really really like, so it makes me all happy if they are happy! And I still don’t like to ask for review copies or being a blogger for a certain store…cause there are soooo effin many bloggers outside and at plurk you see how designers often just have a rage-fit about bloggers asking for stuff so I’m like…just doin what I always did…shopping and blogging my outfit details and opinion about it lol

6. How would like to be known? Rainbowfarts and Glitterburps…I want that ppl smile when they see my blog! 😀

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