Photo Drama: Layering Windlights

Lighting and shadows are one of the things that add visual drama to a photograph, and I’m going to cover an easy tutorial on how to get optimal drama on a photograph with minimum post editing. Before I begin, I want to point out that I am a Photoshop 4 user, but this tutorial will essentially work with most digital editing software. Alright, let’s begin. The first thing you’re going to want to do is pick two windlights. One that has a very dramatic effect of lights and shadows and then one… Read More

First Impressions

I know this is going to sound silly, because who takes Second Life so seriously, but I have a blogging resume, and I think all bloggers should have one, too! Surprisingly enough, I got someone who agrees with me; one of the many anonymous designers that filled out my questionnaire for my previous post. They said that “a good introduction notecard is important for a first impression”, and I’m gunna help you build one! —– Introduction The first lines are very important. Explain why you’re taking the time to send them a… Read More

What is in a Name?

I’ve been thinking long and hard on this: What exactly is in a name? I don’t mean the one we carry in “real life” but the one’s we give ourselves in Second Life to showcase who we are and what we’re about. We name our avatars, our pets, our homes, our land, our stores and our designs. We even name our blogs – which is for us bloggers a huge thing, because a good name will stand out in the crowd. Choosing my blog name was easy: I wanted simple. I wanted… Read More