Beliving in Santa !

Last Christmas I gave you my heart … but the very next day you gave it away ! This are the lyrics I am singing over and over for a week or so. I think the spirit of Winter/Christmas has enetered in my soul and since yesterday it`s snowing, everything is white and sparkly. I am such an enthusiast about winter season, of course after a month or two I am anxious for spring, I know I can`t have it all but this is like when you are little you wish to grow up fast and when you are grown up you want to be a child again.

Luckly seasons are coming and going but the years aren`t, especially on this time of the year I miss so much being a kid, with no worries about money and problems, just hanging arround and playing all day long and … beliving in Santa. When I was little I figured out myself quite quickly that Santa doesn`t exist and we were laughing about other kids that still belived in him, now I feel a bit of melancholy thinking about how great coulded be if I didn`t tryed so hard to grow.

As a 22 years old girl I choose to belive in Santa`s Spirit, because over the last years I couldn`t feel it`s Christmas, this year I want to be special, I want so badly to enjoy this hollydays. But till then I encourage all to accept a challenge, not in sl but in rl: Let`s be kidds again no mather what age you are, if it`s snowing where ever you are please take a sleigh and go to the nearest hill and just enjoy the ride of our childhood. Go outside and make a snowball or if you dare make a snowman, do anything that brings you happy memories.
I wish everyone a magical white winter and happiness !
Winter 2
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