Love is all around

I’m not very good at writing and even worse when it comes to serious stuff. But I do know that few things are as heartwarming as a community getting together for a good cause. When hearing about Sway Dench’s problems, Together for Sway was started up. You could already read about it on this blog and you can even read more about it on the official blog. A fabulous group of designers put out their items at the event and 100% of the profits will go to Sway. Together for Sway started today and will last until the end of this year.
Love is all around
And if my luscious cleavage doesn’t convince you to donate, well… then I don’t know what will.
Love is all around2
Angels: Sway’s angel – Sway’s at Together for Sway
Skin: Amelie – Essences at Together for Sway
Hair: Sway my way – Exile at Together for Sway
Eyes: Stella – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh eyelashes – Maitreya [Group gift]

Top: Seashell blouse – League
Tights: Snowy pantyhose – Sakide at Together for Sway
Shoes:Classic leather pump – Duh at Together for Sway

Pose: Model344, Model345 – Everglow [Using Tillie‘s pose stand]


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