What do designers look for in bloggers?

Bloggers always have the question of “why don’t designers add me to their blog list?” floating around in their heads. It could be that they didn’t get your notecard or IM, which is often the case with myself, but maybe there’s something you could do to sway the odds in your favour.

I took the time to write out a series of questions, and asked some designers, well known and otherwise, to sit down and give me their thoughts on what they look for in bloggers.


What do they look for in blogs?

Be creative, and make sure your blog layout isn’t cluttered or confusing. The majority of designers ranked creativity, a unique style, and a well organized blog as things that are most important to them.

What do they look for in posts and articles?

Even after just a few responses, there was an overwhelming trend that you must have good quality pictures. Many placed good pictures as the most important thing, and low quality shots as the biggest deal breaker. They also said that, no matter what else, if the blog had bad pictures, they wouldn’t consider it at all.

What about my writing? Do I need proper grammar?

Writing, while not important as good pictures, is still a needed skill. Proper grammar and good spelling makes you look professional.

It was also mentioned that you shouldn’t abbreviate your key words, such as stores or events. People who have just entered the SL blogosphere won’t know what you’re talking about, and new customers are important to designers.

I’m not attached to many feeds. Is this an issue?

It can be. When asked if being attached to feeds and syndications is important, there was an overwhelming “yes”, especially major feeds, such as Style Academy and feeds.sl.

Will designers mind if I review things instead of just showing readers what’s new?

Most seem to like reviews, as long as it’s not simply “this shirt sucks.” Provide something constructive, something to improve, like “I’d love it if _____ had more _____,” instead of flat out criticism.

After all, you wouldn’t like it if someone told you your blog sucked, but didn’t provide a reason why or how to improve!

I’m a new blogger, and my views are low. Does this matter?

Yes. Many designers listed a low number of views as one of their deal breakers.

Designers appreciate longevity. You’re more likely to get review copies or be added to blogger lists the longer you’ve been around. Don’t let this discourage you though. You can get lucky, like myself, and get added to some lists just a few months in!

What about NSFW content?

Designers said that even if your blog had some dirty pictures, they’d still consider you, but make sure those pictures are tasteful. It’s very off putting when naughty bits are on display whether the reader wants to see it or not.

Solution? Hide your dirty stuff under a cut, and create a new post category for your naughtier posts.

Do I need to credit everything?

Not everything, but proper credits are needed. Like I said above, don’t use obscure abbreviations for stores or events that only the in-crowd will know, this doesn’t allow new people to check things out.

Use the full store or event name at least once in your post, and then start using the shortened versions, and make sure to give SLURLs for everything.


Knowing exactly what goes on in a designers head after you send them a blog request is a helpful thing. Hopefully, this helps you get your name on more feeds and blog lists, and helps designers get more traffic!


One Comment on “What do designers look for in bloggers?

  1. I find it interesting to see designers say not everything needs to be credited. I do think everything needs to be credited. Reading incomplete credits (eg. only crediting the dress and a necklace) irks me deeply. All creations deserve credits imo.
    Apart from that, this was an interesting read because I was just working on ways to improve my blog!

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