What is in a Name?

I’ve been thinking long and hard on this: What exactly is in a name? I don’t mean the one we carry in “real life” but the one’s we give ourselves in Second Life to showcase who we are and what we’re about. We name our avatars, our pets, our homes, our land, our stores and our designs. We even name our blogs – which is for us bloggers a huge thing, because a good name will stand out in the crowd.

Choosing my blog name was easy: I wanted simple. I wanted to use my nickname. It’s no secret that my “main” avi’s name is Douleur and for about seven years now I’ve been called Dou (this ongoing from The Sims Online, MySpace – to Second Life and even Twitter on my RL account.) Hence: “Simply Dou” was born. As for Katya, she was originally meant to be an avi I made for a friend that was to play in Second Life. She wanted a Russian name and for her to be blonde. I did all those things, but my friend never actually came into Second Life so Katya became mine and Katy came to be.

So – about these names. How did you choose your name for yourself? 

  • Was it similar to your real name?
  • Did you care really what it would be?
  • Do you wish you could change it? (Yes, I know we have a feature to display change our name, but really – people can still see when your first name was sexymissbarbie gossipgirl.)

I bet we all have a bunch of stories! Hope you’ll share yours.

What's in a Name

Dress: Ingenue :: Chaud – Sugar Plum (s) / Betty Doyle *Collabor88 December*
Pants: coldLogic pants – Swank – Soot (s) / Damien Fate, Janie Marlowe, & Zyrra Falcone
Necklace: Noodles – Celestual Necklace – Silver/Sapphire / Natalee Oodles *Collabor88 December*
Ring: Noodles – Celestual Ring – Silver/Sapphire / Natalee Oodles *Collabor88 December*
Skin: – Glam Affair – Amberly – America 01 Red / Aida Ewing
Hair: ::Exile:: Raspberry Beret – Sear / Kavar Cleanslate *NEW*
Eyes: .ID. Spirit / Mesh Eyes / Deep / Audrey Lamede
Eyelashes: .ploom. lashes 06 / Helyanwe Vindaloo
Eyeliner: -Belleza- Eyeliner 5 / Shyla Diggs
Freckles: -Glam Affair- Freckles B (02) / Body Freckles 2 (E) / Aida Ewing
Nails: [PM] Pixel Mode – Diamond Edition Mesh Nails – Long / Tya Fallingbridge *NEW*
Props: {scarlet creative} Letters / Charlotte Bartlett *Together for Sway*
Pose: aDORKable Elegant / Adorkable Peabody


10 Comments on “What is in a Name?

  1. Well … my sl name is my rl too. Original, huh? :)) … when I made my account I didn`t knew I had to choose a last name so I remember how I tried several names such as: Carrie, Carrie Bradshaw ( I was obsessed with Sex and the city ). I don`t know how finally I figured out about the last name while I was trying on my rl name. Now I really like my name, it`s an avatar but it`s still me. As for my blog, I have a passion for Cosmopolitan ( the magazine, not the drink cause I didn`t tryed yet ) so I guess this was natural to pick this name. 😀

  2. I chose my SL name because I wanted something unique and beginning with the same letter. I also liked the meaning (Fate) and knew it wouldn’t be overdone. After I selected Kismet, I looked on the list and saw Faith as one of the options for a last name and thought it went well together. Fate & Faith. 🙂 I love my SL name and would never want to change it.

    As for my blog name, I chose it because the movie, Confessions of a Shopaholic, had just came out and I felt like it would be cute to be Confessions of a SL Shopaholic. I realized there were quite a few other blogs with similar names after a few weeks of blogging and wished I could change it but unfortunately it was too late so I just stick with it.

    Can’t wait to read everyone else’s stories. 🙂

  3. Mine’s super original; I wanted a better chance at lucky chairs. Yup. I was one of /those/ people 😛 V was a letter that would always come up, but never have someone claim it, so I went on a name generator site to see what I could get. I often wish I could change it to something like ‘Valerie’ but honestly.. how many Valenas do you know?

    My blog name stems from what I blog (home and decor, thus ‘casa’) and the smurf part comes from the fact that my hair used to be blue. In RP, people would always call my character ‘the smurf’, and I started my blog while I was still RPing. Since I don’t streak my hair anymore (I wish i still could :<) I really want to change the name, but that would be a huge hassle.

  4. Was it similar to your real name?
    Did you care really what it would be?
    Do you wish you could change it? (Yes, I know we have a feature to display change our name, but really – people can still see when your first name was sexymissbarbie gossipgirl.)

    Though Isoldel isn’t even close to my real name, I took care into choosing it for SecondLife. It was first meant for roleplaying in the Tron sims so I looked for something with “iso” in it without being too generic. The extra ‘l’ at the end was for a bit of flair and uniqueness so that anyone looking up my name would find me in Google. It changed the pronunciation a bit too. 🙂

  5. I went with Asthenia, because it’s a song title and could work somewhat as a name. I wanted to go with Pinklady as a lastname, but then something went wrong in the signing up and Asthenia Pinklady was lost forever. So it became Pinazzo, because it was close to it in the list.
    My blogname is the third (i think) in a row of names, it’s a spinoff from Absolutely Fabulous, one of my alltime favorite shows. And it feels very me!

  6. Keliah is actually a roleplay character that originated back in 1997 that I created with a handful of student writers. Her first story concepts stem from an ancient planet of barbaric shape shifters called the Faydornians. I know. Super cheesy. As time passed, I adapted Keliah to a Vampire the Masquerade forum to stand in as supporting cast to our main story line. Keliah has always represented a strong female archetype for me and I knew when joining SL that I wanted to give RP a try. I was lucky enough to find a place where I could sort of revive her World of Darkness self.

    I started becomming interested in fashion and blogging mostly thanks to flickr. I was a big fan of barbie dolls and paper dolls when I was a kid. I guess I still carry the same love of dressing up my pixel doll avatar. I love photographing and photoshopping, so it’s only natural I guess that I started blogging. It’s a Wonderful Second Life basically stems from “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I wanted something catchy.

  7. I was browsing the last names while trying to think of a cute first name, when I saw Snowpaw. I thought OMG how cute would Kitten Snowpaw be? Sadly or thankfully it was taken. So I went to a baby names website to see if maybe I could find a name that meant kitten I found like 3 which was shocking because I never thought I’d even find one. Sanura means Kitten but I fell in love with the soft sounding name and ran with it. I am so glad I did because I love my SL name and I can’t even imagine not having it.

    Now my store was a bit different, when I learned you could create in SL my dream was to one day open a store so when I did I named it *Dreams* with the tag line “they do come true” but come to find out standing out in sea of vitural content with a very generic brand name was very difficult. I clung to the name much longer than I should have but eventually I began to think of rebranding and a friend suggested Somnia which loosely translates in greek to dreams. I felt a bit foolish to have both my brand and names (first and last) start with the same S but no matter how many other names I thought of or looked at Somnia kept sticking out for me. In the end I decided it would be a bit cute to all be S which I could always do very fun and stylish. In the end I love my new branding and name.

    Oki I have rambled a bit here but I guess you asked for it 😛

  8. nimil is my real life name, translated into tolkien elf. she is also the main character of a novel i wrote but never published. i have used it all over the internet since 2001, so when i joined sl it was just natural to make nimil my first name. i chose the last name of blackflag because blackflag is one of my favourite bands 😀

    blog name wise.. my personal sl blog is “nimil’s adventures in wonderland” i named it when i first joined sl in 2006, and it is just a basic play on the alice in wonderland title. sl is my wonderland :). my fashion blog “forced midnight” was named by a friend on plurk when i asked for name ideas. since my blog is a bit on the darkside, i chose that name.

  9. My sl name is not similar to my RL name. Like Valena said, I chose a name with the letter “O” because of how often I saw that letter come up. I feel pretty lucky in sl, with that letter. However, my middle name does start with the letter “O”.

    I did care about what my name was, because I hated my first av’s name. When I made that name, I didn’t think I would even use sl much after signup haha.

    However, even though I say I’m not too bothered, I wish that I got the name Ohna Oodles originally. That was the name that I originally wanted. I thought that would be my name, but no luck at that time. I do have the name because of a portal that was opened but it would be a lot to switch, just for a name.

  10. – I chose Isabeau Reinard.
    – It’s not at all similar to my real name, the first of which is Candice.
    – Yes, I cared what it would be. I wanted to be Lily, after my favorite flowers, but that given name was taken with every single available surname at the time, and I didn’t want to be Lily13 or MissLily or something equally irritating. I looked up at the wall in front of me to think of a new name, and my DVD collection just happened to be alphabetically placed in racks on that wall. My eyes fell on the underrated (IMO) 1985 movie LadyHawke, and I thought I’d take inspiration from the movie’s heroine, Isabeau D’Anjou. The trouble was, I hated every surname. I settled on Reinard because “reina” means queen in Spanish, a language I’d taken throughout high school and college, and because I had to pick SOMETHING.
    – I’ve never wanted to change my first name, but I’ve always hated my surname (I still do.) Something about the “nard” portion of it bothers me immensely; I should’ve spent more time selecting a surname that rolled off the tongue better.

    The only thing that bothers me about my name is people’s inability to pronounce it (“Izza-boo? Izza-byoo? Help me here!” they’ll say. Or they’ll give up right away and call me Isa, which I despise) or when they call me Isabel. Other than that I love my first name, and I’m glad I chose it. Every once in a while someone will recognize it as being from LadyHawke and it becomes a conversation starter.
    FYI It’s pronounced eesa-bow (like bow and arrow) or eeza-bow in the movie.

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