Inspire Me Week 9!

Here are your Inspire Me prompts for this week brought to you by Shayriel Teardrop! Thanks for your suggestions! Monday: Queen for a Day Tuesday: Pirates Wednesday: Fairy Tale Thursday: So not mainstream Friday: Early Spring Saturday: Bella Italia Sunday: BIG girls are beautiful Don’t forget to post your photos to the [SL]Blogger Support Flickr group. Have a great week you guys, and keep bloggin’! xoxo Shiloh Selene | Unapologetic Second Life Fashion Blog   Advertisements

Blogging Etiquette: To send or not

Before I get started, this is more of an opinion blog than anything. What I say, is foremost my own opinion. Whether you chose to agree with me or not is up to you, but these are my thoughts. Here in the support group, we use this blog to promote bloggers in Second Life. These bloggers are from different areas and not only are they fashion related, but they are also people who do not blog fashion but use Second Life as a creative outlet for their art. So in a way,… Read More

The “I Love New York” Hunt

February and Valentine’s Day means that love is in the air, and in New York City, The “Fashion Capital of SL”! FFE will be spreading the love of style and fashion in their “I Love New York” hunt.