The X, I mean… FLICKR Files

Flickr? Flickr! Know it, use it, love it! Apart from your actual blog, Flickr is a musthave for bloggers. Ever since I started blogging (we’re talking 2008 here), I’ve been using Flickr. It is a nice way to collect all your pictures (and organize them, if you’re into organizing) and sharing them online with friends, future friends and contacts.

When you blog to showcase/review designs, whether they are clothes or furniture, your pictures do alot of the talking in your blogpost. So why not give them a bit more exposure? (And on a sidenote: you don’t need to fuss with resizing your pics for your blogposts, Flickr can do that for you!)
By storing your pictures on Flickr, you’re showcasing your blog pictures to even more people. There are lots (and lots) of groups to submit your picture too. Designers create groups for their store, there are groups for events, groups with certain themes (fashion, raw shots, furniture, …). You can submit to any amount of groups. Please just don’t randomly add your pictures to groups without reading the group rules (eg. submit a highly edited picture to a raw SL shots group).

Where does one find these groups? If you don’t feel like searching Flickr, we made you a nice overview of Flickr groups! Make sure to check them out. (They can be found on the top menu, in a drop down menu from The FLICKR Files) Do you notice an awesome Flickr group is missing? Please submit the link by using the form and we’ll add it to the list!


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