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Blogger Challenge: 50 Shades of Sexy!

Are you all ready?! The object of this challenge is to bring sexy and the sensual to the front and center by highlighting some of the gorgeous lingerie that is offered by our Second Life fashion designers.

For the original description click HERE.

Post your photos HERE.


Week 1. Cotton Candy
Week 2. Better than chocolate
Week 3. Sexual Healing
Week 4. Pour Some Sugar On Me
Week 5. Bad Romance
Week 6. Intoxicate Me
Week 7. Agent Provocative
Week 8. bound
Week 9. Pillow talk
Week 10.Discipline
Week 11.Sheer Anything
Week 12.Indescribable
Week 13.Make me lose my breath
Week 14 Strip Your Inhibitions
Week 15. Afternoon Delight
Week 16. Bump and grind
Week 17. Stripped
Week 18. Peek a boo
Week 19. Satin and lace
Week 20. Dangerous blazing fury
Week 21. Fade Into You
Week 22. Leather and Lace
Week 23. Sensuality Unleashed
Week 24. Bad…

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