How to quickly lose a few k in your inventory

So. This is how my (blog)poses are sorted. (also note the artistic angle on the picture)
How to quickly lose a few k in your inventory2
As you can see, there are 10 stands, numbered for easy use (and obviously, I use Tillie’s posestands). Nrs 1 – 6 are all standing poses, grouped by creator, that I use for blogging. I try to keep a maximum of 300ish poses per stand. In nr 7, I have (static) poses that express some kind of movement (flying, dancing, …), nr 8 has sitting/laying/… poses, nr 9 has boy poses and nr 10 is where I keep the poses for special avatars (hamster, mermaid, …).
By only keeping them in posestands, I have seriously reduced my inventory count. (When on location, I can rez or wear a certain posestand to pose)
How to quickly lose a few k in your inventory
But here is where I am stuck. Should I organize my standing poses into more sets? Per creator? Or per style (leaning poses, bending poses, facing away poses, …)? Or should I throw around my whole system? Are there posestands that will sort all your poses for you so you don’t have to fill your pretty head with all these questions?
How do you keep your poses sorted? Please share your tips!

Pose: Bag lady II 3 – aDORKable poses [Using Tillie’s posestand]
Hair: Pandora – Truth
Skin: Thursday – Essences
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 – Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 – Beetlebones
Nails: Classic nails spring/summer 2013 – Izzie’s
Dress: Odette – Teefy [Fameshed – May]
Shoes: Mae – Gos
Slurls and designer info here.


4 Comments on “How to quickly lose a few k in your inventory

  1. I keep my poses in my pose stands organized by creator for use (which are always rezzed in my studio) and then i keep them in a T-MAT for storage which i keep in my inventory and is ONE item. BUT since pose stands are 1-3 prims….. i can have poses in more than one stand…. soooooo… i may have my glitterti pin up poses in my glitterati stand.. but I also have a pin up pose stand…. and ALL my pin up poses are in that stand. Same goes for my portrait stand…. my BENT portrait poses are in my BENT stand.. but also in my portrait stand…. BTW… i have a LOT of stands….

  2. Poses are one of the few things I keep sorted by creator (after sorting according to if the pose is static or animated that is). I’ve found by doing some crazy organization in the past that the simpler the better. Whatever helps you remember where things are for quickest retrieval is usually best and varies from person to person. 😀

  3. I organize my poses alphabetically by creator, using the Pose Anywhere HUD. I also have prims for each store with all the poses in them, as a backup system and for adding poses in. One of the benefits of pose anywhere is I can pose other people, too – usually my alt.

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