I blog therefore I shop: Event Organizing part 2

Hi guys here I am again for part 2 of this small series of blog posts.

Last time in Event Organizing part 1 I spoke mostly about basic thing you would need to do to get your event on it´s feet, simple basic things anyone can sometimes miss, and a little advise on things that are needed but not really mandatory. This time we talk about organizing again, but mostly in publicizing your event.

This post assumes you already did a bunch on the creative front, picking a theme and a date, already have a list of creators willing to participate and also bloggers, and publicizing becomes a must at this point, depending how far ahead your event is people like teasers, they love teasers and WIPS so they get glimpses of what´s to come.

Make sure to remind that to those creators in the event, of course not all are used to working this way, and you can´t really tell people what to do or not, but you can make suggestions, and ask creators to share their work in progress on the events flickr group, and not only will they most likely love it but others will also follow the group to keep in touch with teasers.

Dont forget you have a bunch of bloggers that volunteered to give a hand promoting the event , why not use them? Even if no review copies are out yet, contests on the event theme, or simple warm ups for it, are pretty awesome and a challenge for most bloggers, so why not make use of it?

And then we come to review copies and access, well one thing I´ve learned when it comes to review copies, is: Every creator as they favourite way to send or not those, some don´t like sending them at all, some prefer to send it through the group, because it´s easy and fast, some like to send it only to their shop bloggers, some prefer a blogger area, where everything is out, in an organized way, and some like to reach to as many bloggers as possible, leaving out some preview items by their own booth at the event. And the one thing I´ve learned is: the more of these methods you provide, the more chances you have to please all creators.

The way I personally see it is the more options people have and choices, the least issues you´ll have later, you don´t have to micro-manage everything, most of the time when people are told what is expected of them, they will do it, just make sure you are approachable so they can come to you if issues surface.

Now let´s talk about another issue that always comes up, which is access, what exactly did your bloggers signed up to? Official blogging on the event page? Official blogger in a general group, for both creators and bloggers? Official blogger in a bloggers only group? Or simply early event access? And how early is that access happening?

Depending on event´s I´ve seen all of the above options, each serve their own purpose, maybe it´s why is becoming more usual a hybrid of all of these. Leaving it up to the bloggers to pick which kind of access they expect and that better fits their needs, and schedule, both SL one and RL. But be prepared to get different degrees of involvement depending on which options you offer and which the blogger chooses. Personally I like a hybrid of all of the above, different bloggers have different personal styles as well as different takes on an event, and is that what their readers enjoy, adjusting to as may different styles as possible gives you a broader audience and that is what every event needs.

Shows us the build up and the backstage, with teasers, building up expectation, we want to be tempted to visit your event. And don´t forget you can sign up to have it covered by Seraphim or simply to have it featured on the Destination Guide, and remember again social media is also your friend, as well as flickr for everything, like i mentioned in my previous, blog post.

Just don´t forget to be polite and professional and most of all approachable, remember you made the base of this cake while other did the icing and the put on the sprinkles, now tease us with pics of it and how delicious it smells and then let us have it.

Again these are no set in stone rules these are just a few observations on what normally happens at most events, i find in my personal experience that giving people as many options as possible and being flexible always works as long as there is enough communication going and communication is essential. Se you all soon as we talk about opening that event.


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