Photography 101: Singin’ In The Rain

Rain is ugly in SL. Let’s face it. No matter how hard people try, rain particles and emitters never look quite good enough in photography for my taste.

This is a simple 5 step guide on how to create rain with nothing but Photoshop! That’s right, no brushes and it’s incredibly easy. I mean, if I can do it, anyone can do it.

1. Make a new layer

After you’ve opened your picture in whatever Photoshop you use (I’m out of date and use 7) go up to the toolbar and create another layer.

2. Fill and screen

From now on, we’ll be working with the new layer. Leave the background alone! In that new layer (make sure it’s the new layer and not your picture) auto-fill it with black and set the layer type to screen.

3. Add noise

Go up to the filter tab and to the noise option. Click add noise, and in the window that pops up, fiddle with your settings, though make sure the monochromatic box is ticked, otherwise your rain will be coloured. The amount of noise you do dictates how fat and distinct your rain will be.

4. Blur that shit!

In the filter tab again, this time go to the blur option, and pick motion blur. In the window, fiddle with the settings again. The angle is the direction of the rain, and the distance of the pixels is how long the raindrops will be,

5. Adjust the levels

Last step! Go to the images tab and under the adjustments option, pick levels. In the window, move the black arrow (one furthest to the left out of the three) to about the middle of the bulge. This simply makes the rain stand out more.

6. Make it pretty

After you’ve added your rain, do whatever other effects you want to; have fun with it!


One Comment on “Photography 101: Singin’ In The Rain

  1. Hi Valena! Do you happen to have updated photos for this post? I can get the general idea of what the end result should look like from reading the steps, but if you happen to have new photo links that would be great. Thanks! 🙂

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