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I totally forgot to share this post here aswell! So better late than never! Have an amazing weekend!

While exploring the internet looking for inspiring pictures, I came across a RL photographers portfolio site.  On her site she mentioned some tips for  Fashion photography for those just starting out.

Now obviously RL photography is completely different from SL, but I think some of her tips and suggestions really do apply for SL photography too. So I figured I would share them.

1. Look & Learn

Look at images every day. Whether it’s photographs or paintings—looking, learning and observing are the key to creating an eye for arresting images. This will form the foundations of your aesthetics and style, from colour palette, lighting, framing, clothing, makeup to model choices.   I find myself checking Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr and some of my favorite photographers websites daily to feel a new flow of inspiration.

2. Simple is always best

Keep the setting and look, such as makeup and styling, clean and light. Grasp the skill of taking really good simple shots before getting more experimental and elaborate.

3. Light & shadows

Now there’s many tutorials written about SL shadows and windlights. I personally love the ones you can find here, I’m gonna share a screenshot of my settings when I take a picture. I use Firestorm viewer all the time, so if you’re used to another viewer it might look a little different but will come down to the same thing.

Good lighting, like everything else, comes with experience. It doesn’t have to be complicated, but play around with your settings and put together three to four different setups for different looks. To start, master just one light. This will help you go a long way. Always watch out for shadows when photographing. Our eyes catch on to highlights first, but unintended messy shadows can break a shot when reviewed later on. Train your eye to observe what you are shooting in its entirety.

4.  Clothes must be seen!

Fashion photography is about aesthetics and trends.

Fashion is about selling the latest season’s clothes and accessories. It’s about making people covet what the model is wearing. Are you shooting a picture that makes you want the clothes for yourself, for your best girlfriends or for your boyfriend?

As a general rule in fashion photography, make sure your lighting always accentuates the texture and beauty of the materials—the lustre of silk, the sheerness of chiffon, the sparkles in gems and precious stones. These details will heighten the beauty and quality of an image itself.

5. Be confident, be humble

Take advice and suggestions from others, but be confident of your vision.

Collaborate with people whom you respect and who respect you in return. Believe that no matter the circumstance, you will shine in the photograph because everybody sees the world differently, and is what will set your images apart from someone else’s.

Remember there is always room for reinvention and newness, and only with a humble attitude and belief for constant learning will you keep moving forward. Always stay true to yourself, always keep learning.


6 Comments on “Photography, useful tips

  1. Thank you for this, just a question. Why are you draw distance so high? I normally turn my down so I only focuses on my immediate environment, but I may be doing it wrong?

  2. Reblog! This is just what I needed, I am new to the world of photography and blogging. It’s something I have wanted to do for a long time, due to my love of fashion and shopping lol. I have yet to start, and have been kind of doubting myself. There are so many SL bloggers that are amazing. I don’t know if I can stand out or do anything differently. So thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and tips!

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