Seperate yourself from the herd…..

Even as fashion bloggers, where our looks change hourly there are still elements that make us unique, at least we hope so, and your uniqueness, or your signature remains constant no matter what skin/hair/clothes you are wearing.

The most successful bloggers, apart from great pictures and styling are instantly recognisable, this is mostly down to their shape, but could also be two-toned eyes, a constant accessory or the way they process their pictures.  What should be noted though, is the most read bloggers don’t look like each other, it’s not about copying someones look, it’s about creating your own.   There are 1000s of SL fashion bloggers around, with varying degrees of success and finding your niche, your signature element can help you become more visible to the wider community.

eyebrow For example, I always wear my eyebrow scars and freckles

So don’t choose a blogger and replicate them, look through the feeds and see for yourself, the bloggers that have that element that makes you recognise them every time they appear.


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