FEED ME! (More like feeds…)

BlogsAfter a quick browsing of some applications for the upcoming Shoetopia Event (November 15th through the 30th), I was intrigued by one of the questions that is  always asked on blogger applications:

What feeds are you listed on?

Those applying would list a set of feeds that they are listed (or thinking that they are listed) on and post. So, being the person that I am and in wanting somewhat fine detail, I went through all the feeds that are currently listed. My findings, which I hope will help everyone is thus:

Active feeds

Non-active feeds

Support blogs (these are not feeds)

If you know of any other feeds that are currently available, please comment below. Hopefully these will help you if you’re looking to join any SL related feeds.



22 Comments on “FEED ME! (More like feeds…)

  1. Reblogged this on Colleens SLife In Pixels and commented:
    “What feeds are you listed on?”
    Katya Valeska took a ton of time and effort to put this list together. You will find active blog feeds , in active blog feeds as well as support blogs listed.

    Really great resource!

  2. loool oh gosh I´m one of those bloggers that was “thinking” my blog was added to some feeds, this things happen to me always. Although I never checked this before, I working on it atm. Tysm Katya for this wonderful tip ❤

    • you’re welcome! I got curious to see if people were “really” listed and it made me browse them all. Even ones I thought I was listed on – I’m not. Funny how that works.

  3. Thank you for all the info….very helpful!
    Just FYI, http://secondlife-feed.blogspot.com/ is active (the feed is at the bottom of the page)
    Here are some more feeds:
    Definite Second Life http://definitesecondlife.com/
    MAMAVA Bloggers Group http://mamavabloggersgroup.blogspot.com.ar/
    SL The Freebies Collector & More Feed http://secondlifefreebiesaddictionfeed.blogspot.ca/
    Upps! feeds bloggers! http://feedsbloggersecondlife.blogspot.com.es/
    SL Freebie Blog Feed http://elizawrigglesworthlinks.blogspot.ca/
    – This feed the blog is required to have at least one current freebie every 2 to 3 posts to be eligible.

      • Not that it’s that important of a distinction, but if you have Second Life Freebies Addiction & More Feed listed in your Active Feeds category, I don’t see why you can’t have SL Freebie Blog Feed there as well since they’re both almost exactly the same.

        We’re not syndicated feeds, but we do serve a similar function.

  4. Katy,

    Do you know how you apply to the SL Top Fashion Feed? I don’t see a submit your blog link on there or is it by invite only like Style Academy?

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