ConverSLations with Gala Caproni

ConverSLationsIn an effort for all of us to get to know each other better, I’ve decided to conduct some friendly (and not at all prying) questionnaires. I hope it’ll help connect us to others, and bring our little community closer. Today, we have Gala Caproni.

Gala Caproni

What’s your SL name and what do people call you? Gala Caproni and people call me Gala

How old is your avatar? Is it your first? nearly 6 and this is my first avi

Do you have any SL family or RL family in SL? my best friend is my SL family – Gracee Beaumont – no RL family in SL

How old are you and where do you live? i will be 50 in September and i live in northern California

What’s your home life like? I’ve been married for over 30 years… and its pretty normal…. i work a 40 hour week (government job) and then work at home and play in my spare time.

Why did you join SL? i don’t like watching TV.

What do you do in SL? Take pictures, own an art gallery, a tattoo business and a photography business. I blog and i socialize.

When and how did you start? I saw SL on CSI, logged on the next day and never left.

When not working in SL, what are you doing? Dancing at Junkyard Blues or hosting there.

Who is the most fun/interesting person you’ve worked with? hmmm…. hard one… i don’t blog with others… and I don’t think i want to state which avi i took pics of that was freaky…..

Who do you want to work with? would love to have MY pic taken by ANYONE who is amazing….

What do you wish you could do in SL? make mesh!

What is your favourite creation? i’m having fun making stocking seam tattoo’s

What is your favourite post/picture? gosh.. hard one…. probably my LOTD posts.. cause they are what “I” find that i love.

What is your one SL vice or guilty pleasure? ~TMI~ (men)

What is the oldest thing (you can find) in your inventory? a fireplace from March 2008

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? busy, boring, lazy

Does SL influence your RL style? Vise versa? i wish it did…..

What’s your favourite pasttime? listening to music

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One Comment on “ConverSLations with Gala Caproni

  1. I also like to help new bloggers/photographers… if anyone has questions they can always IM me, friend me (SL, FB or Plurk) or just send me an email (my contact info is on my profile in SL…… happy blogging ~ be creative TODAY!

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