ConverSLations with Natalee Oodles


In an effort for all of us to get to know each other better, I’ve decided to conduct some friendly (and not at all prying) questionnaires. I hope it’ll help connect us to others, and bring our little community closer. Today, we have Natalee Oodles.

N\atalee Oddles

What’s your SL name and what do people call you? Natalee Oodles people call me Nat or Natalee!

How old is your avatar? Is it your first? April 1st, 2011 and yerrrppp!

Do you have any SL family or RL family in SL? I have an SL family, a very big one! My mom is Meg Charming and my sister Ivy Charming. Grandparents are Jill & Gattz Gilman and my Uncles and Aunts, Luke, Peyton, Kenzie, Dash. Cousins Maelie and Tristan and just really a huge huge family.

How old are you and where do you live? I’m 25 year old in RL and I live in New Jersey!

What’s your home life like? Home life is home! I have a wedding coming up in December so I’m planning for that. I also design licensed jewelry for junior specialty stores such as Hot Topic and Claire’s in RL. (Mostly Disney, Adventure Time and Hello Kitty things! My focus is Disney and Adventure Time<3). I’m surrounded by Disney things in RL because I’m crazy obsessed (seriously ask ANYONE!) and looking forward to my future of marriage and kids one day!

Why did you join SL? Because of Hogwarts: Your Story! I’ve always been a huge Harry Potter geek and when I found out about the roleplay I was all for it. So much better than journal and message board rping! I get to be pretty! Hehe.

What do you do in SL? In SL I started out as an RPer and I really liked editing pictures so I stepped into the blogging world. From blogging I started to learn mesh and eventually opened up my own store in SL called Noodles! Now I RP, Blog AND own a store! Crazy how things escalate in two years isn’t it?

When and how did you start? I started RPing because a fellow HP geek friend told me about H:YS and I slowly started breaking into the RP world of SL. Blogging I poked around a lot of things to spend money on and I was like, hey I like writing and editing pictures so I got a .com and began that venture! My store started when I wanted to start earning some income so I stopped spending so much RL money and since I design jewelry in RL, designing jewelry in SL was an easy choice!

When not working in SL, what are you doing? I’m either RPing or hanging out with my family! Though lately I feel like it’s hard to find a time where I’m not creating or blogging, time to find my happy medium! I want more family/RP time!

Who is the most fun/interesting person you’ve worked with? I haven’t really done any collabs really but I bug Tegan from Floorplan a lot, she taught me a LOT of tricks in Maya that helped me out! She’s the sweetest and one of the funniest people I ever met. Adore that girl!

Who do you want to work with? I’m going to be working on some collaborations soon with my SL Mom Meg! I’m super super excited for them and I really want to work with my sister Ivy too. We are all creative people and I think it would be a lot of fun to work together on a family project!

What do you wish you could do in SL? Gosh, create hair! Hair creators are insane and I don’t know how they sit there and move all those pieces and then rig them and it’s overwhelming but that’s the one thing I always wanted to learn to make is Hair. I love hair and I have a TON of ideas, maybe that can be my goal for myself over the next year.

What is your favourite creation? Hmm, probably my charm bracelets for The Arcade! I never thought I’d able to create anything as detailed as them but a lot of heart and time goes into them and I feel like it shows. I really love making them and I hope people enjoy them as much as I do! I feel like they push my ability of learning further with every charm I make!

What is your favourite post/picture? Any of my more creative posts from the Disney Bound challenge! I really loved doing and starting this challenge and it ends soon and I’m sorta sad! I’m sure there will be more Disney Bound posts in my future even after the challenge ends.

Another post that really holds true to my heart and picture is the post I did in honour of Millie Gears. I miss her every day but I’m glad that she left such a positive and great impact on our community.

What is your one SL vice or guilty pleasure? Hmmm! Probably Harry Potter RP! I know people think it’s DORKY but I don’t care! I’ll be 60 and still love Harry Potter just as much as I do today!

What is the oldest thing (you can find) in your inventory? I’m not really that old in SL so probably just some older sculpted and flexi hairs from Truth and Lamb that I can’t part with lol.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Talkative, Dorky and Hyper!

Does SL influence your RL style? Vise versa? RL definitely influences my SL. I know there are a lot of people that separate their SL from their RL but I don’t at all! I am exactly the same in SL as I am in RL! (Ask any of my friends that have met me in SL!) Though SL does influence my RL as well, especially when it comes to design. A few of my pieces in SL have been created in RL which us pretty neat to see! (And frustrating when the factory messes it up LOL) But still never the less both are rewarding!

What’s your favourite pasttime? I guess I’d have to say roleplaying again. I love how it’s so easy to get lost in a good story but it’s even better when you are writing your own story and you have a talented writer writing it along side you. I’ve met so many wonderful friends in the RP world and I would never let go of them for anything.

Anything else you want to share? I’ll leave you with a Walt Disney Quote:

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” -Walt Disney.

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