ConverSLations with Lola500 Ghost


In an effort for all of us to get to know each other better, I’ve decided to conduct some friendly (and not at all prying) questionnaires. I hope it’ll help connect us to others, and bring our little community closer. Today, we have Lola500 Ghost.

Lola500 Ghost

What’s your SL name and what do people call you? Lola500 Ghost, every calls me Lola, even if it tried to change it to Lani. So I gave up.

How old is your avatar? Is it your first? Four years and yes it is my first. I have a few alts, because I used to play Tiny Empires and I needed them in my down line.

Do you have any SL family or RL family in SL? No I have no family.

How old are you and where do you live? I’m in my mid 30s and I currently live in New Zealand.

What’s your home life like? I have a happy, peaceful home. I work alot, so time on SL so much more limited than I would like it to be. I have a wonder Jack Russell, Oliver, who demands constant attention.

Why did you join SL? I immigrated to New Zealand, and since I’m an introvert, I took me awhile to make friends. I was in the country around 7 months when I watch TV one night and a program featured SL. I decided to see what the fuss was about and I have met some wonderful people on here.

What do you do in SL? I’m mostly a blogger. I style, I blog, I go to clubs for some interaction, go home, style blog. Pretty boring to other people’s standards, but exactly how I like it.

When and how did you start? I’m not sure if this refers to blogging or Second Life so I’ll assume its blogging. I started just over a year ago. I continue in Second Life with my solo existence. From the start I loved taking photos. Then I started looking through blogs to improve my photography and saw so many blogs. It took me years to decided to do it. I originally did it to show case my photos and to create a journal of my Second Life, but it quickly turned into a fashion blog. Not sure how I feel about that. I still enjoy taking the photos and constantly working on improving myself.

When not working in SL, what are you doing? I mostly do work, not that I feel that it is work. When I’m not, I would probably go to club to listen to music chat to people. I enjoy the company of strangers. I like to keep them strangers so I keep enjoying their company, so I rarely visit the same club in one week.

Who is the most fun/interesting person you’ve worked with? I have only worked with one person blog related, Jack MrWorldwide. It was fun and interesting while it lasted. I learned a lot of what my focus was and where I wanted to go and where not.

Who do you want to work with? I would love to spend some time Cajsa Lilliehook. My first language is not English and since I started blogging, I discovered that I would like to write more, better, constructive reviews. I would love sit down with her and have her as tutor and to have her guidance.

What do you wish you could do in SL? I have a specific country chic taste in furniture and would love to have that style in my SL home. I have look everywhere but can’t find it. So I would love, love, love to learn mesh and make my own furniture. I’m not sure if I have the talent though, and I’m definitely sure I do not have the time of it at the moment. Maybe one day 🙂

lola faveWhat is your favourite post/picture? I went through my blog and it was hard to find a favorite, simply because I think I don’t spent enough time on planning and I can do better. But if I had to choose I would think it will be this one. I really liked the feel of it and I just took the picture with Nirans.

What is your one SL vice or guilty pleasure? I’m not sure if this is going to sound weird, but I love choosing some random noob and take a day and do a make over. I don’t do it often, but sometimes I really just enjoy doing that.

What is the oldest thing (you can find) in your inventory? My L&B “Attitude” ring. I think that was my first decent ring I bought and I still wear it very often.

If you had to describe yourself in three words, what would they be? Honest, friendly, Loving

Does SL influence your RL style? Vise versa? Yes SL influence my RL style, I have more of an open mind with what I buy. RL influence my SL style in the sense that I can’t wear tattoos which make me look as if my abused, with bleeding lips and bruises.

What’s your favourite pasttime? I enjoy the banter of my timeline in Plurk, the seriousness and sometimes sadness. I have not met most of those people but I love them and they always manage to make me smile. I’m a big forum reader.
RL I enjoy cross country running and are training at the moment. I have also taken up rope jumping O.O I have wobbly legs after for hours.

Anything else you want to share? I would like to take this opportunity to inform you all that I love pumpkin. jk jk! 😀

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