A Clockwork Spiral

Ad taken from Avril Korman (bronxelf) Flickr

“A Clockwork Spiral” opened yesterday in anticipation of raising funds for the National Kidney Foundation. The total for Day 1 is already listed on the official blog and looks to be successful in meeting this year’s projected goal.

There’s also a Best in Steampunk Event with music provided by DJ Lokii Violet, ACS’ builder as well as owner and proprietor of MalfeanVisions. The stage is located right off the landing point and starts at 8pm SLT this Saturday September 21st (Sorry folks.. I mistakenly put Saturday, but apparently it is tonight, September 20th)

A Clockwork’s Spiral, will last till Sunday, September 22nd so be sure to visit over the weekend if not to shop, then at least to show support 🙂 The build itself is unique, many of its features pay proper homage to the Steampunk genre and is on a floating island no less!

I’m glad to have seen this event on this week’s Message of the Day, other wise it would have completely passed my addlepated brain. The National Kidney Foundation helps thousands of people everyday with resources for those who are seeking treatment for kidney disease or are looking for support. Folks just like, me 😀

My hat’s off to the founders of the World Goth Fair, A Clockwork Spiral, and each of the participating designers,collaborating bloggers and sponsors who’ve worked so hard to put this event together and into fruition.

Remember this event is being held at an Adult region, even if the items that are for sale are not.  Donation kiosks are available throughout the region and there are plenty of Cozey spots for resting and picture taking-ing. Hope to see some of you there~

A Clockwork Spiral Flying Dirigible
A Clockwork Spiral Blog
A Clockwork Spiral Flickr Pool 
National Kidney Foundation


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