Destinations Abound!

Autumn comes to Teal Deer

We have an amazing group! Each time we have questions about places to go, rez, take pictures at – we ask in the support group. Sometimes we have folders of landmarks that we pass around to each other. It helps out a lot!

Unfortunately, because of Second Life’s unpredictable nature and the people within the community, places we normally love tend to close or move. It’s hard to keep up! We’ve tried to compile places within google documents or keep the links handy within our inventory. I know for a fact that half my LMs are probably not usable (when I tried to teleport to BCC yesterday…it was no longer there!)

It was brought to my attention yesterday that maybe we could just have people send in their top five places they go to for pictures. I find that maybe this would be easier. I have upgraded the application: HERE. From there we’ll start to compile over in the Locations are a better look at places to go. Sometimes spreadsheets are not as easy to read. I hope this helps in the long run. I’ll need help ❤ So give me what you got!


4 Comments on “Destinations Abound!

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  2. I soo appreciate all the work you do for all of us. Sorry I do not say it more often but this is such a great group with so many great resources. Thank you all!!

  3. Great to see this! I’m new to the group and have really enjoyed seeing the support and work put into it.

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