Not Just For Shopping

It’s no secret that everyone is feeling that mainstores are neglected lately. Events, while fun and exciting, take people away from where it all started. I’ve even heard some designers question the purpose of having their mainstores.

They put a lot of effort into making them look good! Some even spend days decorating. Why don’t we take advantage of their effort and take some blog pictures?

1. floorplan

Home to floorplan,, and various other stores, the floorplan sim is brand new and has beautiful streets filled with details like lampposts and vintage cars.


  • Type: Urban
  • Features: Ponds, streets, train station, sim surround
  • Rez/Build: No
  • Run Scripts: Yes

2. Pure Dreams

Pure Dreams is the home to vespertine, and is beautifully decorated by Amelie every season. Right now, it has an enchanting autumn forest complete with old ruined buildings, paths, and calm waters.

Pure Dreams

  • Type: Nature
  • Features: Paths, ruins, pond, sim surround
  • Rez/Build: No
  • Run Scripts: Yes

3. Izzies

Also changed every blue moon is Izzies, home of, well, Izzie’s! A large sim with a beautiful sim surround, it’s perfect for those shots where you want distance in your background of your photographs.


  • Type: Nature
  • Features: Sim surround, safari animals
  • Rez/Build: No
  • Run Scripts: Yes

4. Fresco

Housing FaMESHed, LaRoo, Cracked Mirror, and Meshworx, Fresco has a bright and happy urban feel. Complete with parks and fountains, it’s perfect for making your pictures look like you were just out shopping.


  • Type: Urban
  • Features: Park, alleys, streets, fountains
  • Rez/Build: No
  • Run Scripts: Yes


Probably the most recognizable mesh build is MAYFAIR. Home to mon tissu and Celoe, it sports a fabulous replica of London streets. It has vintage cars, phone booths, and lovely street lights; every bit of the sim is photogenic!


  • Type: Urban
  • Features: Park, alleys, streets, fountain
  • Rez/Build: No
  • Run Scripts: Yes

6. FATEisland

A fully mesh island, FATEisland is home to FATEwear and FATEplay. Surrounded by water, it’s perfect if you want some beautiful water reflections in your shots. My favourite part is shown below, where you can get some fabulous shadows.


  • Type: Nature
  • Features: Cliffs
  • Rez/Build: No
  • Run Scripts: Yes

7. coldLogic

Finally on a sim of its own, coldLogic is home to, well.. coldLogic! Right next to FATEisland, the coldLogic sim is brand new and has some beautiful mesh facades and a cute little fountain right out front.


  • Type: Urban
  • Features: Fountain
  • Rez/Build: No
  • Run Scripts: Yes

7 Comments on “Not Just For Shopping

  1. Good idea for a topic.I really appreciate stores that deck out their sims and there are some good ones I’d like to visit from your photos!

  2. GREAT post…. and I try to go to mainstores more often than not – you don’t always see all of a designers work at an “event” and you will miss out on some great stuff if you don’t head out. I use a second “HUDDLES” as a modeling HUD and put my favorite poses in there – I just need to break it out more often and actually do some blogging on these GREAT sims!

  3. nice focus. thinkings : RL stores also feel the crunch cuz of online buying (like marketplace equivalent ?) . Stores could do something to promote themselves collectively – eg: discounts over marketplace & probably other ideas if they put their heads together.

  4. Interesting topic! When the new marketplace and mesh were introduced I too questioned whether I should continue with an in world store but I am glad I did. Contrary to a lot of merchants just over half of all my sales come from my in-world store with shoppers typically checking out the details on the MP first and then coming to see the ‘real’ thing before buying. So it’s good to promote all those creators who have spent the time to create a great in world experience and there are some great examples here.

  5. To be honest, as much as I love exploring Main store sims I often find them to be oddly laggy even when there are few or no other Avi’s. I’m always puzzled as to why this is.

    • I have to say, I went to the Floorplan sim for my last blog post and after everything rezzed in I experienced little to no lag. I was extremely pleased and will be doing this more often. BTW I did have my settings maxed and draw distance at about 250 meters.

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