Winter is Coming – A Quick Look at Role-Play Events

Back in the day…yeah I have to start with this (oldie sler here), my main purpose in Second Life wasn’t fashion, or blogging, or taking pictures – it was Roleplay. I’ve written about this before in numerous blogs in the past about my RP experiences so I won’t get into them, but have you noticed the new trend in the “fashion” world? Within the last few months there has been a complete 180 on events and how something that I had found so normal in my existence as an RPer before is now in the mainstream (or what people think is mainstream) of fashion and events.

Events such as We ❤ RolePlay (a monthly event), The Fantasy Collective (a bi-monthly event) and the Fantasy Gacha Carnival (a quarterly event) are embracing the world of Roleplay and fashion and bringing it to everyone. Other events such as Genre (a monthly event geared on themes) also do this as well. There is even a Final Fantasy event to take place in February! (Okay, total geek moment). They’re making fantasy amazing and wonderfully outstanding especially in the world of fashion.

Whether you Roleplay or not, you have a chance to dive in deep into any of these events and check out the amazing talented creators that grace them. Creators such as Juno Mantel of *{Junbug}*, Jalilah Jewell of .Enfant Terrible. and Kirsty Oherlihy of RACK Poses (for those eye-dropping gorean poses). Or if you’re interested in reading blogs by bloggers who are dedicated to the world of Roleplay: Arica Storaro “The Blogging Elf”, Jilsun Bevery of The Gorean Brat, Sonya Marmurek of Astalianda, Elle Coeurblanc of Elle’s World, and Harvest Dezno of Harvest the Geek.

I hope you enjoy them and check out the events!

For credits and landmarks, see below ❤

Winter is ComingDress: *{Junbug}* Hilda’s Kirtle and Cloak / Juno Mantel *We ❤ RolePlay*
Necklace: .:ellabella:. Ensorcelled Necklace – Lavish / Ellantha Larsson *We ❤ RolePlay*
Skin: Izzie’s – Lucie Skin in Frost / Izzie Button *VIP Group Gift*
Hair: Tableau Vivant – Talamasca Hair in Spring / M4rilyn Magic
Eyes: IKON – Spectral Eyes in Blue / Ikon Innovia *FaMESHed*
Hands: Slink – Mesh Hands in Casual / Siddean Munro
Pose: slouch / Eira Juliesse
Location: Happy Mood


7 Comments on “Winter is Coming – A Quick Look at Role-Play Events

  1. As role players like we express ourselves through words. We also express out characters through our clothing. A lot of people have caught on to this now. They are expressing themselves through there avatars a lot more than they ever did.

    • I’m really amazed on how many people caught on. I know when I was religiously rping that my “costume” was essential to my character. It made me who I was along side my words.

  2. This is great news for theatre too. Delving into period pieces has always been a bit of a challenge because most modern creators don’t get into that side of the clothing business, and so we have very little to choose from that doesn’t look like it’s from 2007. Having more creators become interested in RP also branches out to different genres that enable us in the performing arts to draw on as well. Fantastic!

    • I’m sure that it’s become a lot easier now for the Theater in SL to find period costumes due to events like these and ones springing up here and there. I think it challenges the creators to reach outside their box.

  3. Thanks for the mention Katya <3. Even though my blog is moving in another direction, I will never forget the role play roots from which my blog bloomed in 2010. Hopefully with the number of blogs devoted to RP fashion and new batch of writers will join the fold. Thanks again!

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