Isle of Serendipity

Afternoon everyone! ❤

First, I’d like to start by saying hi to you all, so hi! This is my very first post on [SL] Blogger Support, and I hope you enjoy it.

I will be covering interesting, beautiful, whimsical, wonderful places that you can visit in Second Life done by amazing sim designers that pour their hearts and souls into making us worlds to explore.

I decided to start off with one of my favorites, and I’m sure many other people’s as well, Neva Crystall. Recently, she finished Isle of Serendipity. Neva has a true knack for being able to mix items that you would not think would go well together, and making them look fantastic, at least in my opinion. It is a beautifully appointed sim, with no detail overlooked. It is however residential, so please be mindful of that when visiting.

Isle of Serendipity 1

Isle of Serendipity 2

Isle of Serendipity 3

Isle of Serendipity 4

Isle of Serendipity 5

Isle of Serendipity 6

I could have gone on snapping pictures all day, so this is just a small taste of what the sim has to offer.

You are not able to rezz on the sim, but you are able to run scripts.

Your Taxi Awaits!


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