Black Basalt Beach

Afternoon everyone! ❤

I took a trip to the lovely Black Basalt Beach sim today, done by Rosy Highwater. In her description, she had wanted to create a beach sim that was a little darker than others, and she did a great job.

When you arrive on the sim, you are able to join a group by clicking on a Pelican that will allow you to rezz. It is for a small fee of 100L. There is also a bike rack if you prefer to explore the sim that way. There are many area’s for people to relax at, and it has a lot of fantastic places to take pictures, so be sure to explore all of the nooks and cranny’s. What I enjoyed most about it was the maze of paths and bridges connecting various areas.

Black Basalt Beach 1

Black Basalt Beach 2

Black Basalt Beach 3

Black Basalt Beach 4

Black Basalt Beach 5

It is no rezz unless you join the group, and you are able to run scripts.

Your Taxi Awaits!

We are currently updating the [SL] Destinations page with links to sims, and a small description, so make sure to check there for places you may want to explore! You can find the page under the Blogger Resources drop down.


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