Skin deep

Hello peeps as you all know Skin Fair is starting, in case you hadn´t noticed yet, but i find it´s a great way to approach not just Skin Fair but other events that allow a big amount of bloggers for preview, and go thru some of the dos and don´ts for bloggers and how to approach such earlier access.

Skin: Glance
Eyelashes: Maxi Gossamer
Freckles: the skinnery

1. Read all the info, most events will have packets of info for the press, some can be quite extensive even, make sure you check the event blog, for the info this includes dates, lms, and general expectations for bloggers.
Again we can forget something and ask for a quick reminder and we´ll probably get help very fast, but no one likes to be seen as lazy or ill-informed, remember your duty as a blogger is to inform others, and for that you have to keep yourself up to date.

2. Manners matter, events can be incredibly stressful, to organizers, creators and even bloggers, because deadlines are always stressful, keeping yourself cool and polite, makes things easier for everyone, because no one needs the added pressure, of a pushy blogger or to have to answer the same questions over and over.
So be polite and be patient.

3. Review copies; this is a tricky one, most events have rules about this, make sure you read them, and then read them again, and if you have doubts ask other bloggers, one thing i know about good bloggers is they are always willing and glad to help. (now i´m gonna be a bit more specific about Skin Fair)

– The event rules say if designers are available or not for you to contact them about review copies, unless there is a sign saying how/who to contact them do not and i mean DO NOT im the creator asking for review items.

– DEMO before asking, don´t ask just for asking, try it before doing any asking, the creator has a transaction history that will show if you tried a demo or not.

– Be specific in what you are asking for, which skin tone you would work best for you unless you are making a complete review of all tones and makeups, in that case you better do that review.

– Do any asking once, don´t repetedly im/notecard the creator/csr for more, it just looks rude and greedy.

– Follow up on that request by sending the creator/csr a link to your post after it´s published.

4. Have fun. You see some people forget how fun events are, but it´s great to stop and chat to creators and fellow bloggers, it´s great to try all the new releases, it´s even better when everyone else is enjoying it also.

So let´s all have some fun, and i hope to see you all there.


6 Comments on “Skin deep

  1. You missed a few things in your post.

    1. An event like this is a great opportunity for creators to see your blog and get a feel for what you do. They may not otherwise be receptive to giving you an opportunity to review their work, so this is a prime opportunity to get in front of people who might not otherwise notice you.

    2. My mama taught me always say “please” and “thank you.” A nice thank you when you receive something tells the creator it went through. Even better, send them a note when you blog it and thank them again.

    3. If you ASK for it, blog it. This goes without saying but all to often people don’t blog what they receive because they find suddenly they don’t like it or forget about it or “get too busy.” Of course, if you tried on demos, you would know but people “get busy” and end up not getting to the items. Keep a list of what you asked for if you have problems remembering.

    4. Be prepared to accept “no” for an answer. No one owes you review copies because you walked in and saw their items and asked for them. They also don’t owe you an answer for why they said no.

    5. If you were invited to an event, blog the event at least ONCE if you received review copies for it. Mention the who, what, when, where and how. Of course, event organizers often have a problem making that information clear, but help forward whatever information you can in your blog.

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