Dawn of Radiance

Afternoon lovely people! ❤

I took a trip to the revamped Dawn of Radiance sim today, all done up beautifully for spring. The sim is done by the talented Silvermoon Fairey. You can also add all of your photo’s to the Dawn of Radiance Flickr Group.

It has to be one of my favorites to visit and photograph because of the wide range of scenes on the sim. You can find everything from a village, to a beach, a beautifully whimsical field, a farm and much more. It is perfect for bloggers, and for a variety of looks they may be wearing, as well as for sim photographers, or just to go and explore.

Click for larger images:

Dawn of Radiance 1


Dawn of Radiance 2


Dawn of Radiance 3


Dawn of Radiance 4


Dawn of Radiance 5


Dawn of Radiance 6


You are not able to rezz or run scripts on the sim, so instead of using a hud to pose, you can use an individual pose and play it in world to get the exact photo you would like.

Your Taxi Awaits!


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