Photoshop or not to photoshop that is the question

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Hello my name is inkie Loudwater from Holland First I like to  thank [SL] Blogger Support for letting me be one of the contributors on this blog. In advantage I say sorry for my poor English writing I have my spelling check on but that does not sort out all my  mistakes.

In the past view years the [SL] bloggers group and this blogsite has bin a never ending source  of bloggers  wisdom. For me  being an internet and bloggers noob, help was and still  is needed to navigate me trough all the steps needed to be a second life blogger. From windight settings trough the right place to shop and where to take the best pictures  you name it ,this group of bloggers always come trough on every question asked.

My first post is a “lecture”  about the Photoshop buzz.

When I started blogging years ago I never heard of Photshop did not  knew it existed, like I said noobish in start and still at heart. So I saw beautifull second life pictures and I was in oohh and ahh in admiration and I thought that were shots straight from the camara in to the blogs. I even felled  depressed that my pictures did not even came close to the wow pictures I saw around me.

Then some  second life photographers started to show before PS and after PS pictures on Flickr, on their blogs and on FaceBook. Duh!! finely I found out that publishing  ooohhh and ahhhh pictures is more then “snap snap” taking the pictures, it takes editing skills and patiance  as well. Thank you all for doing that it shows the power of the Photoshop tools and gave me the feeling there was hope for me to become better in presenting my pictures to the world.

Buying a photoshop program is not cheap and for me blogging on a budget not an option to get myself a new version. It took me some web searching but finely I got myself a free photoshop CS2  and I was over the moon so happy Thought this was it “the” magic tool that would lift my pictures to a higher level, to a level of awesomnes I had seen on Flickr and other blogs.

But.. when   it comes to editing pictures in photoshop I suck…..

All the turtorials in the world can not help me I am a PS basket case…..

When it comes to second life I  shop like a madd woman so my bloggers to do list is as long as my rl arm and because of my rl demanding job my sl time is on a budget 2nd : I am impatient I love to play dress up every day and taking pictures of every new outfit but working on one immage in PS is not really my cup of bloggers tea. So after hours of swearing and cursing behind my pc going trough PS turtorials I stopped trying and I only open my PS program to use the liquify tool to round up the sl square edges of my pixel Barbie.

To edit my pictures I use the free PhotoScape tool it’s very simpel to use so I can do my snap snap photos and when I am lucky I can do 1 post each day and still have time to shop some more. For all of you who are on a budget or don’t want to spent that much money on a photoshop tool here are some photo editing tools from the web for free. Some of them are an online tools so no download needed other are free as downloads.

Fotoflexer Very easy to use and very handy when it comes to add text to your pictures. It is on line free to use service so no need to download anything

PhotoScape This tool I use a lot to get more depth , to optimize  the lighting and to get a finer detail on my pictures. It is very users friendly even I can use it. You can download it for free and once in a while they are updating and renewing the features and when they do,they sent you an update you can download for free as well. Sasy Scarborough made a turtorial how to use this tool when it comes to making lay outs

Picmonkey No use of downloading this is an online service to edit your pictures. There is a payed more advantaged option available as well but the simple version is free to use.

Gimp GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program It is a freely distributed piece of software for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring It works on many operating systems, in many languages. Type in Gimp on YouTube and there are many turtorials how to work with this program. There are even turtorials where  features you can use on Photoshop  can be found on Gimp. On the blogsite Through Salamander’s eyes more to learn about Gimp Free to download.

Pixlr A free starters option and a membership option with an online and a download option.

Ribbet Free standard options to use and premium features available as well in a premium account. For now the premium is free as well for a limited time.

IPiccy This free online  tool got a liquify option as well

Succes  editing your pictures and have fun while you shop until you drop.

P.S. For the credits where to shop  go visit my blogsite Pixel Styles


2 Comments on “Photoshop or not to photoshop that is the question

  1. Hi Inkie – a really useful article, although your writing made me chuckle – your English is far better than my Dutch (I have none) so I admire you. I Think You are a fellow SL shopaholic like me!

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