Photoshop and Gimp: Editing out flaws (for beginners)

Inkie Loudwater published a great post on using Photoshop a few weeks ago. She provides some great insights about photo editing and some great resources for those wanting to try their hand at it. Since my own photos vary wildly from totally raw to highly processed, I wanted to share some of the ways that I do basic editing on my photos. Unless you use only very specific windlights for all your photos, there are pretty much always going to be flaws on the skin of your avatar…especially the face. And since playing with windlight is half the fun in SL photos, why limit ourselves?

Photoshop is my primary go-to program, but I have used Gimp and find it to be a very useful tool, as well. Gimp has the added bonus of being free. While Photoshop is definitely the powerhouse program, you can do a lot with Gimp. If you’re on a budget or just not ready to shell out the money for Photoshop, Gimp will work quite well with some patience and perseverance. Besides, it’s all about having options, right?

Today my tutorial will show how the two different programs can be used to fix flaws on the avatar face. They can really apply to almost any part of the body or any part of your photo. I use these tools to edit my RL photos as well. The tutorial is broken down into three sections:

  • A basic comparison of the two programs
  • Why flaws happen in SL
  • How to edit a photo with flaws in Photoshop and Gimp.

This tutorial is primarily for beginning or intermediate users of these programs, so if you are an experienced Photoshop or Gimp user this may just be review for you.

One final note: I do repeat some of the same information in the tutorial section of the two programs, so if you are interested in only one program or the other, feel free to fast-forward!


2 Comments on “Photoshop and Gimp: Editing out flaws (for beginners)

    • Hi Kevin, I am glad you found it informative. Photoshop is not totally similar to Gimp, but Gimp is a good tool and with some investment can be an effective photo editing program. Good luck!

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