Expanding your audience: joined posts and reply posts

Let me start this blog-post with wishing you all a wonderful, creative, healthy and happy 2015, with lots of blogging and fun!

One of the returning questions on this site and in other platforms is: how to get more readers to my blog?

In December fellow contributor Finn posted various useful tips on that matter in this post.
In today’s article I will focus on two types of blog-posts that are not only fun to do, but they will surely help  you in getting more readers!

The ‘joined’ blogpost

A joined blogpost is a blogpost you do together with another blogger, and both make their own version of what is featured.
It could be a variety of topics and it is certainly not limited to fashion! You could choose a location, or the same outfits, a decor item or well…anything really!
Also, if you are really into something different: try teaming up with a blogger who has a completely different style or even a completely different scope of their blog.
For instance if you are into fashion, ask a home and garden blogger to do a collaborative post. Or if you are into home decor, find an art- or destination blogger to team up for an article! Well you get what I mean!

The other week I was asked by Trixxie, a fashion-blogger, to to a joined post and both of our posts are very different and best of all: we had a wonderful fun time doing the picture which started with finding a theme (we decided to participate in the ‘avatar in a box’challenge), then poses and then outfits.
I have asked around on Plurk and in Facebook and got some more links with examples of joined posts, to give you an idea:

Morgie and Monica
Zaidee and Xaqueline
Trixxie and Caitlin
A special blog, 100 % dedicated to joined posts, is ‘Always in Good Company‘ by Don Mill  ( nsfw warning before you click:  some nudity/mature content).

Of course it does take some preparation and planning, and maybe even some courage to ask someone else, but in my experience people are always happy to work together – as it benefits both eventually.
Make it clear to both who is paying for what, to avoid misunderstandings (example: when I ask someone for a post/picture I find it common courtesy to pay for the poses and props and do not expect them to invest in outfits or stuff I want them to wear, but that is of course something you need to bring up before you start and need to consider before you ask).

You do not need to limit yourself to a blogger, why not ask someone whose work you admire on Flickr or Koin-up to do a picture with you?
( Oh….perhaps needless to say, but do not abuse this to get a free awesome portrait by a photographer you always wanted but never had the L$ for…)

Last tip on this: link back to the specific post of your fellow blogger and not to their homepage only, it will give a ping-back (a comment you can add to your post) and it will bring visitors directly to the related post rather than have them scroll through a website.


The ‘Reply’ post

A reply post is …well…a blogpost as a reply to someone elses blog-post!
Makes sense? No?

Sometimes you read a post and want to leave a comment, but the topic is interesting for your own blog and maybe you want to tell more than just a few sentences in a comment-section.
In those cases you can choose to write a ‘reply-post’. A post on your own blog, referring (with direct links of course!) to the original article/blog/picture that triggered you to write this.
Not only will this give you some more room to make yourself clear, it will also create a  bond/connection/sense of community with your fellow bloggers.

I, for one, have promised myself to make more use of reply-posting, as it is not only great when you have a lot to tell, but can also help you when stuck with ‘bloggers block’ !

Some examples of reply-posts:
Becky’s reply post to Inara
Vanessa’s reply post to Becky
My reply post to Becky and Wendz

You do not need to write as much as in the examples, sometimes a few pictures and your own musings may be enough to get your idea out in the open and: it is really nice when someone takes the effort to reply to your posts – not only in comments. As with a lot of sharing of other people’s articles or pictures, people tend to return the favour and it helps both bloggers.
I hope these two kind of posts have given you some inspiration and wish you fun if you are going to give it a try!

Last but not least, because I can’t help myself…I have gone through a LOT of blogs, for this article as research and just want to say: I love all the images, the posts, themes. But: people….please add a ‘search’ if possible in your template and also a page with your ‘contact details’ and ‘about’. I have seen many blogs without any information on the blogger and I am really not special: when I can’t even find your SL name..I move on and ask someone else. (OK, that’s very harsh, but it is how it works).

Happy blogging!


6 Comments on “Expanding your audience: joined posts and reply posts

  1. The joint post is a great idea. I will so get my self and do that. For sure it be so fun to put are skils together making are post even bater wile having fun for sure.

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