Where do you keep the sugar?

The other week my sister was visiting me for a day, working together on a nice project and as it happens: coffee break! I made coffee and while I got back to my task she asked ‘where do you keep the sugar?’, as I forgot she has sugar in her coffee.
I sort of waved/pointed to the kitchen and said ‘oh, in the cupboard there’.

Off she went and I heard her rummaging through my stuff, only to return with an empty sugar-pot I have, you know the kind of ceramic jar that has ‘SUGAR’ printed on it. She sighed and said, oh well…I will have no sugar today then.
I rolled my eyes…for a second, and said ‘noooo, not the jar! It’s in a box in the other cupboard’.
For me, completely logical. I do not use sugar, but I do have it. It just never gets in the pretty jar. Of course it was in its original package in the cupboard where I keep the spices and pastas…!
Why this silly story on where I keep my sugar? More after the break!

When you have a blog at some point it becomes  a bit like your home or your kitchen. You know exactly where everything is and you can probably blindfolded, hopping on one leg with your arms tied behind your back  find all the right links, content and whatnot. Because you put it there.
A visitor, being left on their own, searching for ‘the sugar’ may not follow your logic but their own. Sugar should be in the jar on the counter: labelled ‘sugar’. You can’t blame them for thinking so?
The same goes for the links and bits and pieces you have on your blog.

Every year, usually in January and July, I do some sort of ‘cleaning’ on my blog. Not a whole new theme and lay-out, but just a check whether  all links in the blogroll are still working and up to date, my ‘about’ pages may need some new information and pictures, the pages about the blog itself may need updating as well and the links to my social media places and contact information.
It doesn’t take long, just a check and some adjustments to make sure my visitors will indeed find the sugar in the right spot, instead of ending up in a cupboard with pasta 🙂


clean up

Why is this important?
Because: convenience and trustworthy.
If you have a blog filled with outdated information (wrong links to sites that no longer exist, an email adress you changed 3 years ago but never updated in your contactpage, pictures in your ‘about page’ that you took in 2010…) you may be completely unaware of, as you of course do not daily check it, it doesn’t really give the impression you are active or care about your visitors.

Also, most visitors of blogs and websites, are not really willing to go through hoops to find stuff, but they will move on if it’s not there within a few clicks. You don’t want that?!
My fellow blogger and contributor Wendz recently blogged about her cleaning up, I did mine the other day – and yes:  I found some errors to ‘dead’ links and an old picture!

So maybe, you can have a look at yours too?

Happy blogging and cleaning!


11 Comments on “Where do you keep the sugar?

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  2. Thank you for share it Caitlin Sure, keep pause and come clean and organizer your inventory, new year !

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  4. I loved the article. We are so concerned about other things that we forget the most important of all: our “home”. Our blog is kinda like our home. It must be cleaned up and organized to make visitors feel good and have fun exploring it.

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