Location, location, location!

If you are opening this post in the hope to find an epic list of LM’s with cool, up to date,  locations for photo-shoots, then I need to perhaps disappoint you.
But I am going to talk about locations though, as one of the most asked questions in inworld groups is “anyone know a sim with..< insert, preferably vague, theme here > ?” followed by the other famous cry for help “what is the LM for <insert a current, often popular, event here> ?”

As for the second example, the request for LM’s for current events….It makes me cringe when this is asked in blogger groups. It is not hard to find them yourself, in 9 out of 10 cases said event has been posted allover the internet and a simple ‘google’ search will lead you to a blog, site and whatnot with the LM. It is that simple. Really. Also, many bloggers blog about the same events and so you probably only need to have a look at your blogroll (why else do you publish blogs you follow on your own blog?) or a feed to find out where you have to be.

The first one, the need for a location with a specific theme for photo-shoots isn’t that hard either, but it may require some more initiative.
I am not a believer of ‘lists’ when it comes to nice locations. Being a travel-explorer-locations blogger I know all too well that one day you post and link to an awesome place, only to find them offline and gone the next day or the next week. I happens, this is SL….now it is here, now it is not.
Maintaining a list with LM’s is a drag, it is outdated the moment you hit enter and don’t get me started on the complaints you get when you ‘own’ such a list and someone discovers a place no longer exists!



Arrrgghhh! The life of an explorer!


Rather than just shout something in a group, you could look at a couple of places first, and when you really, really cannot find what you need – some things are just so specific and unknown – then by all means ask around. But be honest, don’t you cringe like me….and this happens so often, when someone cries out for ‘a nice snow sim’ in the first week of January, or ‘a Halloween sim’ the last week of October? Seriously?!
Also, when you are going to ask..be specific. I’ve seen the most random requests: ‘someone know a city for a pic?’ .
A. City. Wat…Historic? Future? Modern? SciFi? Apocalyptic? Kawaii?  Don’t let others guess what you mean, in the best case you get asked to be specific but in most cases your question will be eye-rolled and ignored.

And then there is another thing you may never have considered: plan and think ahead!
Most bloggers know well in advance about the themes of events to come and they are often announced as well. If you know that ‘such and such’ event will be all about ‘pirate and mermaids’  and it will open in 3-4 weeks, that means you have 3-4 weeks at the most to find some nice pirate themed/water and boat/docks underwater places that may be cool for pictures!
Create your own location-folder with LM’s for the occasion and there ya go.
Yes….those places could also be gone in meanwhile, but that doesn’t need to keep you from looking and exploring for yourself and another plus could be: you will not need to line up with other photographers/bloggers who all go to the same place because someone mentioned it…

So how do I  find places?

I will share my resources, being an explorer it is what I do most of my Second Life time, and no…I do not have a list with LM’s.
My main sources of finding places that are great for pictures, in random order, since I do not wish to state one is better than another (and zOMG  it looks like a list….eek!)

* The Official LL Destination Guide, really…an endless source of places, sorted by theme and all
* Facebook, with an SL account if you wish (ok, not according to FB ToS, but ahem), many photography groups have members posting pics and LM’s
* The Explore SL Flickr Group – because submissions NEED to have an LM
* Ziki Questi’s Blog, for the more arty-farty locations and wonderful landscapes
* Honour McMillan’s Blog, for all kind of interesting locations
* Inara Pey’s Blog, her travel posts are wonderful
(and not on my personal list, but hey hoooo, shameless promotion: my own blog, Caits World)

Now, I am not saying you should never ask people or in a group. By all means, do.

I am always happy to dig in my LM folder or memory and am always, like many others, willing to help. But please be specific about the location/ambiance you look for, don’t make us guess? And….try google, it won’t hurt..I promise 🙂

Happy exploring and blogging!


15 Comments on “Location, location, location!

    • Thank you Nanny, I am sure there are many, many blogs with excellent suggestions, and yes, Bita Cora is one of them ! I just made a small selection, to make a point 🙂

  1. Gah! The one thing that makes me cringe in the [SL] Blogger Support group! What do you mean, you don’t know how to find Collabor88???? If you’re too lazy to check blogs or Flickr or any of the other online resources, open up Search in world. You’ll find it quicker than it takes you to open up group chat and annoy everyone else.

    • Err..yes, well that too 😛 And what makes me wonder then, in cases like you mention is: soooo..you blog, you put links in your posts – for people to use it – but you do not read and check other blogs and do the same? I am not sure what to make of that.

  2. I actually keep a part of my blogroll specifically for finding places! It’s amazing how much information is out there if you only look – though I’ll admit, it’s harder to find cities than countryside and the like.

  3. Yes, yes, yes and yes. Though I don’t actually belong to any blogger groups (my blog is too NSFW, I guess) it makes me nuts when anyone does this in any group. The search bar is *right* there. Somehow you’ve managed to download Second Life, log in, create an avatar, clothe it, but you still can’t figure out how to use the search?! No, that’s not it. You’re too lazy and it’s easier to ask an entire group of people to search through their LMs to find it for you.

    Yes, I am a crotchety old lady, why do you ask? 😉

  4. I was beginning to wonder why I joined because it wasn’t to have another group chat popping up constantly! Great tips, Caity.

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