Social Networking: Twitter

After my series on Flickr 1, 2 and 3 and a blogpost on Plurk and Avatar Social Network – all articles trying to give you – bloggers –  an idea and/or inspiration on how to expand your blogs audience using Social Media, this post will cover Twitter. In a next post I will talk about Tumblr!

Yes, there are many social media platforms out there. It is, in the end, up to you individually what and which platform suits you best. For some it may be Twitter, others rather stick to Plurk, Facebook, SL Forums or maybe none of them all. My articles are merely to point out what is possible ‘out there’.

This blogpost contains several screenshots of my own Twitter account, to show you what and how, with some scribbling on them to point out stuffs (click on the images for larger versions!)

So… Twitter and how you can use it for your blog, your inspiration or just for being kept informed/updated on what is going on.


Screenshot, with pointers, of my personal home page on twitter


Twitter (free) is a so-called ‘micro-blog’. A feed, in which people post status updates – with a limit of 140 characters – often accompanied by an image. A few months ago Twitter changed some options, so now it is possible to upload 4 pics in one ‘tweet’ (twitter-speak for a status update/post) and the option to have ‘group messages’, meaning you can have a private conversation on twitter with more than one person.

Twitter can be used to indeed ‘tweet’ all the thoughts you feel you need to broadcast, and some people do. It goes fast, like Plurk,  and therefore if not used to tweeting, one may feel lost soon. Just remember, Twitter isn’t a blog, it isn’t a forum, it is more like you sit in a bar and overhear or hear conversations and you pick up what interests you.

Why can twitter be of interest for your blog, or Second Life?

For one: you can (in most blogs) create a link from your blog to automatically ‘tweet’ your latest posts and two: by following fellow bloggers or other persons/companies of interest it is quite simple to keep yourself up-to-date on the latest news and developments.
I, personally, mainly use Twitter to read and not so much to post. I follow some Tweeters who post stuff I find worthwhile, it is part of my daily routine to browse twitter for news.

If you are new to Twitter and feel lost, why not try to follow some SL specific Tweeters and just read it for some days/weeks, before you venture out yourself.
A tip: check the followers of some people you know and follow those too, same for people who follow them!

Examples to get started? OK!
* Second Life’s official Twitter Account:
* Ebbe Linden’s official Twitter Account:
* A parody/cynical/ironic Twitter on everything SL:
* Fellow blogger and photographer Honour McMillan:
* Yours truly, explorer blogger:


You will see, once you get into Twitter and Tweeting, a bit of browsing and perving..err…following!, will give you an interesting feed with news you may enjoy. I, for one, have been able to follow some inworld conferences while I was not inworld – via Twitter on my phone, thanks to fellow tweeters who updated while they were attending.

For those new to  Twitter:
the @ always indicates a twitter-account (@caitlintobias,  @Secondlife), like an address and by using it in a tweet it will show up on the persons timeline,
the # (hashtag) is meant to use as search term, to filter topics of your interest (#sl, #secondlife)  or to express a sentiment (#sohappywithmyblog, #Ineedavacation)

Last but not least: Twitter has a pretty good support site, on which you will find many answers to your questions!


Screenshot of Second Life’s official twitter account



Happy Tweeting and blogging!




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