What Dreams May Come ~ SLB12, June 21st-28th

Second Life celebrates its 12th birthday starting this Sunday June 21st at Noon SLT and will run through Sunday June 28th.

The theme for this year’s party of all parties is “What Dreams May Come”.

Here is an excerpt from the official press release:

Spanning 15 regions with over 200 exhibits and more than 600 performers, disk jockeys and speakers, SL12B is a showcase for the accomplishments and content of all SL residents, celebrating the anniversary of Second Life© leaving its initial beta in 2003.

The SL© “Birthday” event started 12 years ago as a parade through mainland regions. It has since evolved into the Resident-run event you see today .

On the 23rd of June, Second Life© will be officially twelve years old. Our hard-working staff of Resident volunteers, coupled with hundreds of other Resident creators, have been busily preparing for our annual birthday bash—laying down the groundwork (literally) for you to celebrate.

HuntSL will again be hosting the SLB12 Nano Hunt to coincide with the celebration from June 21st to July 4th. 

A few points of interest to look forward to are all the major builds including performance and DJ stages, the Dreamitorium, and the Welcome Area, designed by Walton F. Wainwright (Contraption).

Welcome Area Builder: Walton F. Wainwright [Contraption]

Astonish (DJ Stage) Builder: Kazuhiro Aridian

Dazzle (Ixtlan Stage) Builder Cube Republic

Cake Stage, Dreamitorium Auditorium, Live Stage @ Spellbound, lxtlan Stage @ Dazzle

I’ll be touring and greeting alongside with the rest of you and continue to share some of the sight seeing and happenings during the week!

Take care and get plenty of rest because the mother of all Second Life Birthday bashes begins at NOON SLT. June 21st! 

Some helpful links to guide you along the way:

SLB12 Official Website

SLB12 Flickr Pool

A Complete List of SLURLs 

SLB12 Exhibitors and their SLURLs

SLB12 Performance Schedule

SLB12 Big Hunt!



2 Comments on “What Dreams May Come ~ SLB12, June 21st-28th

  1. Reblogged this on Haute Selection and commented:
    Oh my god!! this year i am not covering this event but i am sure i will try my best to enjoy all the amazing sims and CELEBRATIONS and hope to see you there too 😀

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