How Linden Lab uses web marketing and how “What Second Life Means To You” can help drive traffic to your blog

If you’re interested in web marketing, I’ve written a detailed post on how Linden Lab uses paid search marketing to drive traffic to the Second Life website. In the post, I cover target marketing, website landing pages, and conversion rate testing and optimisation.

It’s unlikely that many Second Life bloggers will use the specific types of marketing tactics that Linden Lab employs, but the principles behind these approaches apply when creating content to appeal to your specific audience. Principles like target marketing (niching), using search as a marketing tool, writing persuasive content, using compelling images and testing. If you’d like to read it, the full post is here.

Also in the post, I share Pete’s appeal to Second Life residents to create videos for the What Second Life Means To Me series that the Lab is sharing on YouTube. In part, Linden Lab is using this initiative to get more user-generated video content that they can share with specific enquiries from the media. There are nearly two dozen videos in the playlist already, including some from fellow blogger support contributors Wendz Tempest and Caity Tobias.

I’m working on my video, and I urge you to do so as well. It’s not terribly difficult, and might be a fun learning exercise! For help, see Caitlin Tobias’s very useful post on creating basic machinimas in Second Life (who is also, by the way, responsible for the great shot of Pete Linden that I’m featuring on this post).

Making the effort will not only help the Lab, but it might also help you: How about shooting a short video of what Second Life means to you as a Second Life blogger? It would be a great feature for your ‘about me’ page, and if you add your blog link to the video / description in YouTube (remember to tag it with all those juicy keywords you blog about) it will definitely help to get your blog more exposure!

Remember, the Lab is sharing each one of these videos on their official YouTube Channel which at the moment has 15,238 subscribers (not to mention all of their other social media properties like Facebook and Twitter). These videos are highly sharable too, by Second Life residents who like them. With that said, many more people will see your video than is otherwise likely if you to post it on your channel alone. Don’t miss this opportunity!

In a broader sense, if more bloggers make these videos, it might also help existing residents who don’t now know much about Second Life blogs to learn more about the huge amount of activity in the Second Life blogging world – and that, my friends, can help us all. Remember too, there are all levels of quality here – it’s not a talent contest – it’s about sharing your story, your way.

Here’s a bit of inspiration to get you going:

Oh! One more thing: After you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, make sure you ping Linden Lab on this forum thread, to let them know where to find it, and they will add it to the playlist!


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