Second Life residents share their – mostly accurate – views on intellectual property law

The last few months have been busy with conversation (not all of it informed) about copyrights, trademarks, and intellectual property with regards to bloggers and creators in Second Life.

Back in early June, blogger Eve Kazan was forced by to remove photographs from her blog, because a Second Life creator (Prometheus, owned by Irine Abbot. Following this very public battle, I conducted a survey – completed by 252 Second Life residents (101 of them bloggers) to find out what you knew about the law as it relates to you in Second Life.

I also asked RL lawyer and SL resident Vaki Zenovka to comment on the answers, and share her views on what content creators and bloggers need to know when protecting against unlawful copyright of their work, or defending themselves against copyright claims. The full report can be found on my blog – I hope you find it useful!

Canary Beck

Last month I conducted a survey on NWN asking what users knew about intellectual property. I published an excerpt of results last week on the same site. This is the full version of that post.

Generally, I found that most Second Life residents responding to this survey have an accurate view of intellectual property laws. The question that yielded one of the most surprising results revealed that nearly 1/3rd of respondents do not fully agree with the Linden Lab Terms of Service.

First things first: I am not a lawyer. Second, nothing in this post is a substitute for, nor does it serve as legal advice. Only a lawyer that is licensed to practice in your jurisdiction, and that is familiar with the details of your specific case can advise you on legal matters. Do not act on this information alone.

Further, the information I share here applies to people…

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One Comment on “Second Life residents share their – mostly accurate – views on intellectual property law

  1. Great post Becky and a really useful reminder. I did actually start some maintenance a few days ago, but being the doofus that I am messed up the site a bit. Ahem. I’ve only been blogging 8 years…GAH!
    But thanks again for the tips!
    Kitty =^..^=

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